TECHM International, INC.

 The Early Church House Ministries House Ministries  (T.E.C.H.M.)  TECHM International,  Incorporated

Apostle-Prophet Carolyn Hendrix Engledow, D.D.

TECHM International Inc. Archbishop


1.  Manages the documentation, the interviews, and the final acceptance of international Christian ministers, ministries, churches, and Bible Schools who request affiliation with TECHM International Inc.

2. Receives tithes, offerings, donations, and financial support from the founders and incorporators of  The Early Church House Ministries, TECHM International, Incorporated, (A Christian House Ministry, Reg. as a house church in Iowa, USA                                                        Iowa Registration: #537150, United States Federal Gov. IRS Tax Exemption #81-4922333                                                                                                                                                                      

3. Supervises the budgets of The Early Church House Ministries, TECHM International, Incorporated

4. Organizes and ensures that the rules and regulations for ministries, churches, and ministers affiliated with TECHM are in compliance with CHRISTIAN BIBLICAL STANDARDS, THE TEACHING AND PREACHING OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, THE HOLY BIBLE, and our governing documents that are listed on this website.

5. Works with foreign government agencies for commerce, investments, industrialization, and the exportation of goods to aid the support of churches and the needy in their countries through our global ministries.

6. We assist in supporting Christian evangelism and global humanitarian aid projects through our international office branches.

7. We are planting our ministries, branch offices, Bible Schools, humanitarian aid, and community outreach projects throughout every continent based on the needs and the available funding of our ministry branches.

8. We offer ministry support to our affiliated ministers, Bible Schools, churches, and ministries based on their compliance with our Christian ministry regulations, their needs, their budgeting documentation, and the available funding of our ministry branches.

9. In order to receive funding from this international ministry, each global ministry branch office must be in compliance with our ministry regulations. They must have an office staff of Christian ministers who are approved, licensed, affiliated, documented by The Early Church House Ministries, TECHM International, Incorporated, and experienced in church management.