Carolyn Engledow Ministries

Apostle-Prophet Carolyn (Hendrix) Engledow, D. D. (h.c.)

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Under God's Guidance, not man.....not a Botox, plastic cool sculpture, no air sculpture...Simply free treatment and guidance from God.

No doctor wanted to do any type of surgery on my face or body because of my medical conditions. So God said I will help you. Amen Glory to God!!! 

My Personal Testimony From God
God guided me in losing the fat from my face and my waist. About seven years ago I weighed 213 pounds now I weigh 183 pounds but not from dieting and exercise. I have two non-expensive devices and God guides me in the use of them. You can see the results on my face and now my belly fat is dissolving with this same technique. 

If you are interested in losing weight without dieting and exercising you can contact me and send me a donation of $50.00 through Western Union or Money Gram. Afterward, I will send you my information on the two inexpensive devices and how I used them to lose weight under God's divine leadership. Your tax-deductible donation will help fund our international ministries of evangelism, church and Bible school planting, and community aid projects that will help the poor throughout the globe.  Thank you.