School of the Prophets Training, Licensure, and Certification Program

Social Media and Postal Correspondence Course

Course Studies:

The Office of the Prophet and the Seer

The Recognition of the Revelation Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Identifying with the Office of the Prophet Credentials and Revelation Gifts

Scriptural Background of Healing

The Personal and Scriptural Interpretations of Dreams, Visions, and Trances

The Purpose, Recognition and Discipline of A Prophet

Biblical Survey of the Prophets (Old and New Testament Studies)


Testing will be conducted through written Examinations, email, social media classes, and correspondence courses in English

and Google Translation of Foreign Languages

Certification consists of a student affiliation certificate and and international prophet certification license mainly based on your ministry gifting and God's approval of your ministry. If the Lord approves you for another 5-fold ministry gift, your certification license will address that calling. If you are simply appointed under the prophetic anointing, this appointment will be noted on your international ministry license.

Ministry Class Donation

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Ministry of Christian Exorcism and Deliverance Training Program

Social Media and Postal Correspondence Course

The Teaching of Deliverance (Exorcisms) in the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts

Ministry Class Donation

(Registration Fee: $100 Donation) Contact Info: