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Public Online Information Regarding Deliverance/Exorcisms, 

Christian and Catholic Ministers and Exorcists 

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The United States of America


Branch, Pastor Carol, New Life Church, United Christian Ministerial Association; Mission Times, NGO, [Tororo Pentecostal Church]; and International Covenant Ministries, 1110 Sam St., Demopolis, Alabama 36740, Phone: 334-216-3423, Email: (Bondage breaking through truth, faith, love, and obedience. Minister inner healing and demonic deliverance. Also, mentor and disciple in the deliverance ministry.)


Morgan, Bro. Andy True Word Deliverance Ministry, Non-denominational, 160 Co. Rd. 434 Cedar Bluff, AL 35959, Email:   Website: www.TRUEWORDDELIVERANCE.ORG (This is a ministry devoted to deliverance and breaking the chains of darkness. Jesus is the same today, yesterday and forever! Our site is named True Word Deliverance Internet Outreach, however we are an active ministry. We travel around preaching healing, salvation and deliverance. God is breaking demonic forces off lives and bringing deliverance to this generation. )


Okafor, Dr. Donatus, Divine Touch Ministries Worldwide Non-denominational, 730 Joryne Drive, Montgomery, AL 36109, Phone: 334-239-8730, Email:  Website:,  (Dr. Donatus Okafor is the General Overseer of Divine Touch Ministries Worldwide, Scotland in the United Kingdom, Europe and Africa. He has been involved in spiritual warfare ministry for many years and he has a special calling in deliverance.)


Scott, Kenneth, Spiritual Warfare Ministries, Independent, P.O. Box 11913, Birmingham, AL 35202, Phone: 205-923-4799, Email: Website: (An intercessory prayer and teaching ministry.


Scott, Rev. Robin, Last Step Ministries, Non-Denominational, Full Gospel, P.O. Box 1661, Eufaula, AL (USA) 36072-1661, Email: Website: (Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the boldness of the Holy Spirit to the lost and broken. Last Step Ministries believes in the trinity; that God still heals and delivers today. Evangelist Robin Scott has a powerful anointing on her when she ministers.)


Wise, Pastor Steven, Episcopal Community Church, Leeds, AL Email:


Butkiewicz, Rev. Eleanor, Deliverance Thru Isaiah 61 Ministries, Independent, under the covering of

Pastor W. Donald Price, Cathedral Christian Center, Glendale, AZ, Phone: 480-231-6375, Email: Website: (Isaiah 61 Ministries, under the direction of Rev. Eleanor Butkiewicz, has been ministering healing through deliverance to the Body of Christ for 12 years now. Rev. Eleanor has personally ministered to Brothers and Sisters in Christ across the Globe -Switzerland, Canada, England, Australia, So. Africa, and Saudi Arabia, to name a few, in addition to bringing deliverance to people throughout the U.S.A ministry is known by its fruit. Visit our website and click on the Testimonials button to see the evidence of the miraculous through Isaiah 61's work. In addition, Isaiah 61 Ministries is holding Conferences in the Churches of America.


Choate, Pastor Robert, Christ Comfort Ministries International, Inc., Christ Comfort Chapel, 807 N. Belvedere Ave., Tuscon, AZ 85711, Phone: 520-327-3033, Email:,  [Prophetic/healing/deliverance ministry to Arizona and the nations. Accountable to International Ministerial Association, American Association of Christian Counselors. 25 years in ministry. Inspirational book "City Talks: A Chalffeur's Healing Confessions" available on]

Crable, Pastor John S., Wings of Freedom Evangelical Ministries Inc., Non-denominational, PO Box 87985, Phoenix. AZ 85080, Phones: 602-451-3858, 602-885-4617, Email: (We are an "Evangelical Outreach Ministry." Our ministry is involved in preaching the Gospel, performing deliverance and healing those in need. We have worked extensively with S.R.A. abuse, inner healing, Dis-associative Identity Disorder, demonic illness, oppression, abuse, addictions and suicidal tendencies. We like God to lead us and we have a program in place so everyone is ministered to properly and with compassion.)

Dowdle, Steve, Freedom in Christ Ministries, Casas Adobes Baptist Church, 10901 N. La ChollaBlvd., Tucson, AZ 85742 Phone: Steve: 520-742-5835, Email: Church


Green, Bishop Dr. Jackie L., Senior Pastor/Overseer, New Generation Christian Fellowship Church,

Non-Denominational, Services: Washington High School, 2217 W. Glendale Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85021, Phone: 602-864-6423, Email: website: (Our ministry has been active in deliverance, casting out demons, and ministering healing through our morning services, monthly. Valley Deliverance Clinics are held every second Sunday at 5 pm, and an annual Deliverance Convention is held every December. We are establishing a relevant tape and book library book store and University of Deliverance (RDU) at Rapha Deliverance University of Practical ministry which is opening by 2010.)

Rehmann, Scott & Elizabeth, Rapha Ministry, Phoenix, AZ, Phone: 602-931-0934, Email: Website:  (We minister Inner Healing by the power of the Holy Spirit, cast out demons, break un-godly soul ties, break-godly coverings and we break Freemasonry curses.) California


Barnes, Ron, As One Ministries, affiliated with New Covenant Christian Ministries, PO Box 6798, Sacramento, CA 95827, Phone: (916) 606-7948, Email:,  Website:  (A teaching and counseling ministry that offers "Root to Fruit" prayer and deliverance ministry, as well as seminars on a variety of subjects

Blow, Evangelist Anthony, Anthony Blow Crusades, affiliated with Church of God in Christ, PO Box 1584, 400 Bissell Ave., Richmond, CA 94801, Phone: (510) 672-9727, Email:, Our ministry is a deliverance ministry. We've been involved in this ministry for 20 years. We have seen many lives changed by the power of God. We do individual, group and family counseling, and we conduct revivals and crusades.)

Chapman, Jenni'fer, Beyond The Walls Ministries, affiliated with North Valley Christian Fellowship, Milpitas and San Jose International House of Prayer. We can be reached at 408-509-1099 or Email: for an appointment. Our websites are:,, (As a Licensed Pastoral Counselor and under the prophetic anointing of GOD, Beyond The Walls Ministries works with individuals who are under attack from the enemy and counsels them to a place of spiritual health. BTW Ministries gives spiritual warfare seminars to help alert the body of Christ about the tactics of the enemy and is available for speaking


Jackson, Ardith K., founder,  His Refuge Ministries, Independent, 8266 Maple Ave. Fontana, CA 92335, Phone: 909-427-9187, Email: Website: www.ministry (We are a spirit-filled ministry for women, with a vision to see survivors of abuse come to healing and wholeness. Our area of focus is primarily MPD/DID & SRA victims. We offer intense inner healing, biblical discipleship, deliverance and accountability. We believe in ministering balance of spirit, soul and body to a broken soul.)


Lavey, Rev. Jess A., Sword of the Spirit Ministries, Non-denominational, 13645 5th Street, SP10, Yucaipa, CA 92399, Phone: 909-446-8737, Email:, Website: [Specializing in counseling and occult problems, deliverance, speaking in churches and groups.}


Murg, Sandra, 9281 Tritt Circle, Villa Park, CA, Phone: 714-998-6476, Email:  website:


Moriah Bible Fellowship(Pastor Jim Hanley), 1411 N. Batavia #103, Orange, CA 92867 (Specializing in deliverance -using Neil Anderson materials along with others.)


Oliveira, Carlos, PrayerNet International, Independent, 171 Branham Ln, Ste 10-515, San Jose, CA 95136, Phone: (415) 449-0439, Email: Websites: (Free telephone exorcism available upon request, demon possession diagnosis, inner healing and physical healing ministration.)

Toney, Domainquie, Liberty Temple Full Gospel, 9617 Campo Road, Spring Valley, CA Phone: 619-462-7299, Email:


Tucker, Ph.D., D.Min., CDAAC, RAS, Dr. Robert, New Life Spirit Recovery, Non-denominational, 18652 Florida Street, Suite 245, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, Phone: 714-841-1906, Email:, Website: (We are a State Certified Christ-centered Treatment Center specializing in deliverance and healing, particularly in the area of addictive behaviors. And addiction is merely a manifestation of much deeper un-dealt with issues. Only with the help of the Holy Spirit, can these issues be exposed and properly disposed.)


Allman, Rev. Danial, Universal Assembly of Christ, Independent Ministry, 7743 Whiptail Pt., Colorado Springs, Colorado 80922, Email:, Website: (We are a ministry dedicated to the oppressed and those being hounded by unclean spirits. We offer deliverance prayer, counseling, guidance and healing to those that are in need. We are also evangelistic in our ministry because we know that in order to help people we need to be where there are people. We offer salvation to all those who are sincere and willing. Christ gave us a commission and calling and we are being obedient and answering that call.)


Timmons, Apostle JP & Evelyn, Christ Church International, PO Box 7175 Pueblo West, CO 81007, Phone: 719-404-3825, Email:, Website: (We have been in deliverance ministry since the 80's, in the USA, Africa and Asia. We teach and train others to do so. We wrote a book on spiritual warfare, deliverance ministry, etc. that has been around the world, and is used as a manual by many.)


Turner, Pastor Pamela, Agape Deliverance Ministry Intl, Inc., 1352 Syracuse Street, Denver, CO 80220, Independent, Email: Phone: 303-388-6968 (A new location the same work laying down my life for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is an aggressive outreach ministry to see a move of God for the Kingdom of God. To see many delivered and set free from generational curses and to see the ministry of Jesus Christ manifested in the world today. To God be the glory! Amen.)


Mutiri, Rev. Dr. Pepe, Chantal Mutiri, Amazing Grace International Ministries, Inc., Charismatic, Interdenominational, P.O. Box 681, Dover, DE 19903, Phone: 302-399-1589,  Email:, Website: [Specializing in healing and deliverance, particularly marital deliverance and family restoration.]



Baker, Pastor Sarah, Greater Grace Apostolic Church, Independent, 2102 E. Columbus Drive, Tampa, Florida 33605, Phone: Pastor 813-389-1968, Secretary 813-952-0165,  Email:  (webmaster), Deliverance email Website: (Greater Grace is a deliverance church. People have been totally delivered from drugs, schizophrenia, depression and more. Tumors have dried up. People have received jobs, even coming out of prison. The anointing of Jesus truly abides here and we are all about seeing souls truly saved and delivered. We never charge anyone for any services rendered. We cast out devils in person and over the phone. Come experience the true anointing of Jesus and receive your deliverance.)


Bender, Bill & Juliette, Anothen Life Ministries, (Affiliated with Faith Outreach Center, Tampa,) 7607 Sheldon Road, Tampa, FL 33615, Phone: 813-887-3354, Email:  Website:  (Anothen is from John 3:3 where Jesus tells Nicodemus one must be born "anothen" to be saved, and it means "from above". We offer personal ministry, group seminars, and schools for inner healing and deliverance, including training church leadership teams to set up their own successful inner healing and deliverance programs. Depending on individual needs, we utilize several processes, including the "Restoring the Foundations" (RTF) integrated approach to healing. We are RTF Healing House ministers and trainers,, as well as members of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers (ISDM) We also apply the RTF process to corporations (businesses and churches) to overcome spiritual issues that keep the corporation from being successful.)


Beron, Fabiola, Clinica Sagrado Corazon de Jesus, 117 E. Amelia St. Orlando, FL 32801, Phone: (407) 409-0716, Email: Website: [ Sacred Heart of Jesus Clinic] located in Orlando and Miami. (We specialize in spiritual warfare, casting out demonic spirits, while laying hands on the sick and calling out every infirmity that is not of God. Also, we specialize in exposing satanic worship and witchcraft. We provide Pastoral Counseling services. SE HABLA ESPANOL. Email me with a description of the need.)


Bonds, Dr. Mary, Brass Basket Ministries Inc., Independent, 17102 Ballpark Rd., Umatilla, FL 32784, Email:  (Deliverance from bondage of demonic powers and inner healing. All glory and power comes from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.)


Bowley, MA. LCPC, Tina I., Strategic Warfare Ministry, Inter-denomininational, Spirit-filled, PO Box 16551, Tampa, FL 33687, Phone: 813-244-6772, Email:  Website: (Healing and deliverance ministry; sessions are offered every 6-8 weeks as scheduled (see our website for detailed information, dates and locations). We minister complete teachings on spiritual warfare and preparation for deliverance along with a complete warfare manual. Tina Bowley is a licensed clinical Christian counselor who has been called by God to teach spiritual warfare and pray deliverance. Offering hope, healing and restoration to the brokenhearted. Private deliverance and Deliverance Conferences.)


Brounley, Shirley, Haven of Hope Ministries, Independent, P.O. Box 3164, Seminole, FL 33775, Email: Website: (Leading people to the spiritual freedom and emotional healing of the Lord Jesus Christ. Dealing with demons and multiple personalities.)

Buchanan, Pastor John & Zahira, My Organic Church, Non-Denominational, 660 Forest Ave., Bonita Springs, Florida, 34134, Phone: 239.249.9400, Email:  Website: (We minister transformation of life through deliverance, evangelism, healing, teaching, spiritual warfare based upon Biblical principles. We serve all who need help of any age or location by using the Word of God, the blood of Jesus and believing the name of Jesus, we affect a change upon individuals to come into the fullness of purpose God intended for them as His children. We do individual, group and family counseling, and we conduct revivals, and crusades. We give spiritual warfare seminars to help alert the body of Christ about the tactics of the enemy. We are available via Skype for prayer, counseling, and deliverance @ "pastorjpb." This is a not for profit, no charge, donation only, to serve you ministry.)


Carty, Bishop and First Lady (Minister), New Beginning Church of Deliverance of All Nations, Pentecostal, 6965 NW 15th Ave. Miami, FL 33147, (3 locations in Miami and 1 in Southbay, FL) Phone: Bishop 305-321-8630 or Pastor Marcia Carty 786-291-3939, Email: Website: (Focused on deliverance from demons, sin, principalities, domains, powers and in conclusion, Satan. We believe that all power in heaven and earth is in the hands of Jesus Christ, bestowed upon him by God the Father.)


Clark, Pastor Jonas, Spirit of Life Ministries, 27 West Hallandale Beach Blvd., Hallandale Beach, FL 33009. Phone: 954-456-4420, Email: Website:  (Every Friday at 7:30 is reserved for healing and deliverance. Our team allows the Holy Spirit to move in the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit. Many receive inner healing from spirits that torment them emotionally. Others with addiction spirits and occult spirits. Elvera Baker is the Deliverance Team leader. There's power in the Blood of Jesus.)


Crocker, Pastor Tracey, TDC Ministries, affiliated with Covenant Ministries, 8611 N. 11th St., Tampa, FL 33604, Phone: 813-935-4047, Email:   Website: and (Come and rest in the presence of theLord while being taught of God's Word concerning your health and healing. Faith begins where the will of God is known. Know that He wants you well. Come for the purpose of becoming fully equipped for any battle and also to learn how to effectively minister the healing power of God to yourself and others. It is time to proclaim the good news to the lost, poor, broken and sick. Learn how to turn the key in the door to the Father's heart. How words like blessings, curses, intercession, warfare, fasting, and meditating on the word of God truly affect your health, healing, deliverance and the meaning and purpose in your life.)

Franco, Maria, Serving Yeshua Ministry, Messianic (Shoresh David), 2317 Ally Lane / 206 / Land O Lakes FL 34639, Phone: 813 406-5502, Email: Website:  (We are a Deliverance Ministry & Training team setting you FREE to serve Yeshua. We expose the most common argument against believers having demons...they say that light cannot dwell with darkness. This is merely an assumption with no real Biblical basis. The verse most often used to back up this theory is 2 Cor 6:14, and it's speaking about believers marrying unbelievers. Is it saying that light 'cannot' dwell with darkness? No, it's asking what communion (partnership) light can have with darkness. In other words, is a non-believer going to have the same spiritual goals as a believer? No. How can they partner if they don't have anything in common spiritually? Are demons and God going to work together in a person's life? No. Can the two coexist? Yes! We set you free, so you only walk in the LIGHT of Yeshua.)


Gillespie, JoAnn E., JoAnn Gillespie Ministries & The Jacksonville School of the Prophets, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 11915, Jacksonville, FL 32239, Phone: 904-607-5605, Email Address: [This ministry is empowered by the Spirit of God to reach the broken hearted and set the captives free from every type of demonic oppression and suppression. My dominant gift, among many, is the gift of miracles and we have seen the Spirit of God move in a phenomenal way. Instant releases from years of bondages and satanic oppressions, healings, and miraculous provisions just to name a few and so much more that limited space will not allow me to mention. There is no power greater than the power of the Living God and no greater joy than serving the people of God! We have been serving the Body of Christ and our communities for nearly twenty years in addition to training prophets here at the Jacksonville School of the Prophets and speaking internationally as a Prophetess and Professional Motivational Speaker. 


Hollis, Drs. Paul and Claire, Warfare Plus Ministries, Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor-Advanced Certification, 3457 W. Kenyon Ave., Tampa, FL 33614, Phone: 813-935-4673, Websites:, (Since 1989, this ministry has focused on helping believers get set free from demonic strongholds, including depression, anger, addictions, perversions, fear and more. Our five step process, led by the Holy Spirit, is very effective in ministering deliverance.)


Ibbitson, Donald J., PhD and Phyllis Tarbox, MA, Above & Beyond Counseling Ministries, Independent, 10012 N. Dale Mabry, Suite 223, Tampa FL 33618, Phone: 800.264.6236, Email:  Website:  (Donald Ibbitson and Phyllis Tarbox are both NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselors. Above & Beyond Counseling Ministries, with offices in Tampa and Clearwater FL, provides Christian counseling services and resources with an emphasis on deliverance ministry. In ministry since 2001, we see God move powerfully to set captives free from demonic strongholds such as anger, depression, fear, lusts, perversions and more.)

Lambert, Dr. Steven, ThD., Steven Lambert Ministries, Independent, PO Box 911, Jupiter, FL 33468, Email:  Websites:,  (The director of DeliveranceNow.Com, Dr. Steven Lambert, a Doctoral DiplomateBoard Certified Christian Counselor, ordained minister and anointed, affirmed prophet, has been used of the Lord in all these Spirit-empowered operations for more than three decades. He has ministered deliverance to thousands of people desperately needing the miracle power of God in their lives. Dr. Lambert is available to minister to you also, either in person (by special arrangements) or by phone. Because it is the Spirit of God who performs the miracles, and because there is no time, space, or distance in the spirit realm, real, effectual deliverance and healing can be ministered via phone consultations.)


MacNutt, Francis & Judith, Christian Healing Ministries, Inc., Independent parachurch, 438 West 67th Street, Jacksonville, FL, 32208, Phone: 904-765-3332, Website:   (training courses for prayer ministers and exorcists; onsite prayer for physical, emotional, generational and spiritual problems. National teaching conferences.)


Maxwell, Pastor Dennis & Prophetess Angela, Greater Works Ministry, 3179 W. Atlantic Blvd #35, Pompano Beach, FL 33069, Email: 954-934-5914 (Greater Works Ministry specialize in spiritual warfare, casting out demonic spirits, while laying hands on the sick and calling out every infirmity that is not of God. Greater Works Ministry also specializes in exposing satanic worship and witchcraft. For the schedule of our services, call us at the above phone number. )


Parks, Sr. Pastor Rickie, Christian Deliverance Outreach Center, (C.D. Outreach Ministries, Inc.) 1007 S. Sanford Ave. Sanford, FL 32771, Phone: (407) 936-0153, 24/7 (321)282-8152, Email:  (This ministry was birthed from the bonds of drugs and jail. I gave my life over to the Lord and asked Him what He had for me to do. The reply was do likewise, so the ministry started in my bonds in jail. I did not want to do drugs anymore, but I did not know how to stop. I was going to church, but it was not working. I needed help and the Lord showed me what the problem was. I needed to be delivered. I got delivered and have stayed delivered for 10 years.)


Powell, Prophetess Glenda, Virtuos Restoration Ministries, Independent, PO Box 5471, Tampa, FL 33675,  Phone: 813-903-9256, (I hold prophetic revival conferences, speaking at churches and women's meetings. I believe in healing through restoration by the transformation of the mind through deliverance from all manner of mental illnesses which are cause by spiritual warfare. My testimony is that I have been healed and delivered from schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, to name a few. My testimony encourages believers to yield to the Holy Spirit and many are delivered from all manner of spiritual warfare. I also welcome prayer requests and provide Christian counseling services as believers are restored, healed and delivered.)


Quintin, Rev. Levon, Independent Christian minister, 8506 Ehren Cutoff Land O Lakes, FL 34639, Phone: (813) 310-9921, Email:  (Providing freedom from oppression and demonic bondage through deliverance and follow-up care. All service are personal, confidential, and free of charge. These evil spirits want you to feel trapped and as if there is no where to turn. That is not the case!! Help is but a phone call away. Take the first step and we'll help you through the rest!!!)


Romos, Barbara & Desaree West, Daughters of Zion, Independent, 2151 River Tree Circle #104, Orlando, FL 32839, Phone: 321-460-3307, Email: (God has empowered us to minister deliverance to those struggling spiritually, ministering inner healing and salvation. God has anointed us to set the captives free. Our vision: (Isaiah 61:1-3)


Rose, Rev. Kim M. & Kenny Rose, The Lord's Abundance Ministries Church, 49 North Federal Highway #219, Pompano Beach, FL 33062, Phone: 727-799-5206, 727-608-3202, Email: (When deliverance is ministered properly, Jesus is glorified, because His children are set free and their lives changed! We are simply walking out the victory that Jesus won on the cross, by exercising the authority He gave us to drive the intruders out of our lives, and out of the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We tear down strongholds of the enemy, break generational curses, cast out all kinds of demons and spirits, and teach others how to apply the principles of deliverance and spiritual warfare in their own lives for everyday use. We counsel by phone, in person, and by email. In Jesus Name, Pastors Kim & Kenny Rose.)


Scarlett, Noel, Noel G. Scarlett Ministries, Independent, 2104 Lakeview Drive West, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411, Phone: 561-282-9003, Email: (This ministry isn't about demons! That's right! It's about guiding and helping our brothers and sisters come into the victory that Christ died to give them! The purpose of ministering deliverance is to set free those who are in bondage. As Jesus was sent fourth to preach deliverance to the captives and sends us (Luke 4:18, John 20:21, John 14:12 & Mt 10:8). The ministry of deliverance is about bringing spiritual victory and freedom to those who are in bondage. It doesn't matter what you call it (demonized, possessed, oppressed etc.), if they are in demonic bondage, needing to tear down a stronghold, break a legal ground, cast a demon out or all three... its still deliverance, because it's setting the captives free. Casting out demons is just part of the overall ministry of deliverance. )


Timmerman, Esther, Countryside Christian Center, 400 Broadway, Dunedin, FL 34698, Phone: 727-733-6072, Email: 


Tracy, Sis, Tampa Deliverance Ministry, Independent, apostolic, Pentecostal, 2102 E. Columbus Drive, Tampa FL 33605, Phones: 813-389-1968 & 813-775-8118, Email:  Website:  (We cast out devils in Jesus name. We will pray for you and minister to you in person and over the phone. All services and counseling are free all the time. We promise you will be delivered if you do what the Pastor instructs you to do.)


Ward, Sr., Apostle & Prophet Owen, First Fruit Ministries, 4100 N. Wickham road, Suite 102-180, Melbourne, Florida 32935, Phone: 321-216-6506 from 12 noon to 8 PM EST, Email:  Associates: Apostle Nathan Hill 708-289-8375-Chicago area, Bishop Wendell Eubanks 773-331-9629-Chicago area. (Regularly do deliverance with individuals giving all the glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. Only by the Holy Spirit does deliverance and freedom come to you. Many years of experience in the deliverance ministry. Travel as a Prophet & Evangelist worldwide doing crusades and deliverance & healing through the Holy Spirit of God.)



Alford, James, Single Seed Ministries, Independent, 3058 Crest Ridge Circle, Marietta, GA 30060, Phone: 678-665-6269, Email: (My ministry is devoted to helping people be released from the snare of the devil.)


Alford, Pastor J., Church of Righteousness, 152 Selig Dr. #D, Atlanta, GA 30336, Phone: 404-551-5281, Email:  Website:  (We are called to minister liberty and freedom spiritually to all that are oppressed by the devil. We offer healing, restoration and deliverance by the power of the Holy Spirit.)


Anderson, Apostle Dee & Pastor Bill Anderson, The Father's Gateway Ministry, 144 Matterhorn Dr., Sautee, GA 30571, Cell: 706-878-9198, Email: Website:  (We have been doing deliverance seminars and private deliverance at home as well as many nations. We deal with many forms of deliverance as well as the spiritual roots of disease. We believe in doing deep seated deliverance and not just cutting down the tree, but removal of the root system. Check our website to see some of our teachings as well as a bit about us. We have several teachings and we believe in raising up disciples by teaching them the Word of God and its power in our daily lives.)


Battle, Dr. Franklin, Jesus Christ Ministries, Inc.(JCMI) 100 Edgewood Avenue, Suite 880, Atlanta, Georgia 30303, Phone: (770) 907-7468, Fax: (770) 909-3442, Email: (JCMI believes that deliverance is indeed the "children's bread." We are dedicated to providing knowledge regarding demonic activities and eradicating strongholds. As part of this ministry, Dr. Battle has several books on the supernatural and how to combat demons.)


Benson, Apostles Roger and Vicky, The Last Days Ministries, International Inc., 2860 Sunshine Lane SW, PO Box 1970, Thomson, GA 30824, Phone: (706) 595-7576, Cell: (706)361-5774, Email:  Website: (A prophetic word ministry that carries the "Kings Anointing" and operates in all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit and bases their ministry on Luke 4:18-19, to go into all the world and preach the gospel of the good news to set the captives free.)

Ehiwe, Dr. Collins O. -Pastor, Christ Evangelical Ministries, Church Ministry, 901 Roswell St., Suite A, Marietta, GA 30060, Phone: 770-615-3087,  Website: (Christ Evangelical Ministries is a Bible-led, Bible-fed ministry. Our motto is: "Where Everybody is Somebody and Christ is All." Dr. Collins O. Ehiwe holds a Ph.D in Theology and a Masters Degree in Economics. Elder Francisca Ehiwe holds a Masters Degree in Theology. Both teach directly from the Word of God, with truth and with knowledge. [Our ministry, though small in numbers, is achieving great and mighty things through the Power of The Holy Spirit. Deliverance, health, jobs, financial prosperity, family and personal matters are addressed using the teachings of the Holy Bible as a reference to align perfectly with God's will and purpose.])

Elders, Justin, 24/7 Prayer Line, Independent, 517 Honeysuckle Circle, Ranger, GA 30734, Phone:706-263-9212, Website:  (Deliverance prayer line 24/7, any need, any situation, God is always in the business. )


Fredericks, Rev. Stephen & Melissa, Key of David Ministries, [An Independent Inner Healing & deliverance Ministry], 3923 Collier Trace, Kennesaw GA 30144, Phone: 678-592-1766, Website: (KODHM was founded in 2002 by Rev.Stephen Fredericks. Together with his wife, Melissa, Rev. Fredericks ministers Inner Healing & deliverance to the Body of Christ. They lead seminars and have a school equipping others to minister as they have.)


Fuller, Dr. Arleen, Miracle Deliverance Field Prayer Center, Inc., 1212 Mills B Lane (W 52nd St. across from Derst Bakery) Savannah, GA 31402, Mailing address: PO Box 13104 Savannah, GA 31405. Email:  Website:  Dr. Arleen Fuller is Pastor, Overseer & Chief Apostle. Phone: 1-888-517-3435, Local phone: 912-335-5854 (We are a Non-traditional, Non-denominational ministry that believes in miracles, deliverance, healing, restoration and power. God has anointed us to destroy all unclean spirits and to cast them out, all works of satan, including witchcraft, generational curses, abuse, drugs, alcohol, demonic forces and to heal the sick and much more. One on one counseling is available and deliverance classes are also available. Dr. Arleen Fuller is much sought after, public speaker, humanitarian and deliverance preacher for crusades, workshops and special prayers.)


Graham, Apostle Terry R., Team Soteria Ministries And Deliverance Church, Independent, P.O. Box 1394, Mableton, GA 30126, Phone: (404) 514-2232, (We are a Healing and Deliverance ministry. The focus of the ministry is based on the following scriptures: Obadiah 1:15-17, Luke 4:14-19, Acts 10:34-38 and Mark 16:14-20. The Lord has called us to minister Deliverance, Holiness and Prosperity to people throughout the world. He has Appointed us to do the works of Christ. We go about Teaching, Preaching and Healing all that are oppressed by the devil. We are Anointed Believers the cast out demons, heal the sick and raise the dead through the power of God! We meet at the Country Inn and Suites, 2175 Church St., Smyrna, GA 30080 on the First Saturday of every month. Details are on our website. Be Holy!)


Hill, Eric, Power Evangelism Ministries, 832 Commonwealth Ave. SE, Atlanta, GA 30312, Affiliated with Kingdom Tabernacle Christian Assembly, Lithia Springs, GA, Phone: 404-627-9025, Email:  Website:     (You may learn more of our ministry by visiting our web site or searching through my book, "Deliverance fro Demons and Diseases," on


Ibe, Pastor Chris & Rev. Dr. Joy, Divine Visitation International Church, non-denominational, 3965 Rockbridge Road, Suites J, K, Stone Mountain, GA 30083, Phone: 678-531-1605, 678-698-6550, Email:  Website: [Divine Visitation is committed to teaching and preaching the undiluted Word of God, reaching out to lost souls with the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ, releasing captives of Satan through prayer, healing and deliverance, getting those who are backslidden reconciled to God Almighty and God's Kingdom increasing. Divine runs a school of deliverance that aims at bringing believers into the true knowledge of the kingdom of darkness, raising deliverance ministers, intercessors, and battle-ready kingdom warriors and prayer winners. A Couple's Ministry provides teachings and spiritual advice for couples and is used of God to deliver troubled marriages from the destructive grips of the enemy.Victory in Prayer Women's Prayer Ministry raises women in the art of prayers that brings results.]


Mather, Tim & Katie, Bear Creek Ranch Wholeness Center, 304 Grady Street, Portal, GA 30450,Contact information: (Dr. Mather is a former pastor and author of several books including "Prophetic Deliverance": The missing ministry of Jesus in the Church and "Out of Bondage": Identifying and Breaking Control Spirits in the Church. Both books are available at Katie is a trained counselor assisting in Pre-Deliverance and Post-Deliverance Care. Tim and Katie have over 25 years in deliverance and inner healing ministry. Through Bear Creek Ranch Wholeness Center, they offer weekend retreats in Deliverance, Inner Healing, Marriage, Purpose, Military post-traumatic stress recovery and personal Ministry to Pastors. For schedules and contact information see Tim and Katie are also available to give seminars and conferences on Deliverance and Inner Healing in local churches  and small groups. They have trained teams in many states in the US and several foreign countries. )


Montgomery, Bobby and Kathy, Kingdom of God Ministries, Independent, Browner House, 3128Atlanta Rd, Smyrna, GA 30080, Phone:678-262-645,  Website: (Our mission is simple: Jesus came to set the captives free, to mend the brokenhearted, to heal the sick and bring deliverance to those oppressed by the devil. Luke 4:18)


Ogenaarehua, Dr. Mary J., Mary J Ministries, 463 Dogwood Drive, NW, Lilburn, GA 30047, Phone:(770) 458-7947, Email:  Website:  (We are dedicated to eradicating spiritual and physical afflictions, generational curses, witchcraft assignments, oppression, etc. Our goal is to break all chains of darkness off the people we minister to as the Lord commanded us saying, "Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. (Matt. 10:8).


Overton, Pastor Emmitt, Fellowship of Deliverance Internet Radio, 1581 Phoenix boulevard, Suite 2, Atlanta, GA 30349, Phone: 770-456-5708 & 877-251-2485, Email: Website:  (We are an online source to learn about deliverance. Fellowship of Deliverance Internet Radio launched in December 2008. It was established by Fellowship of Deliverance International Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Emmitt Overton. Our mission is to share the uncompromised Word of God, to teach Christians how to operate under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and how to do deliverance by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Mark 16:15 gives us this mandate, "And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.)


Robinson, Pastors Richard & Virginia, Oaks of Righteousness, (Affiliated with Liberty Church, Marietta, Ga.), Address: 1050 Shiloh Road, Suite 310, Kennesaw, Ga. 30144, Phone: 770-428-8157, Email:  Website;  (Providing inner healing and deliverance to those wishing prayer ministry. Training also available.)


Wyche, Bishop Joseph, Temple of God Ministries, Inc., Non-Denominational Pentecostal, 251 North Main Street, Jonesboro, GA 30236, Email: Website: (We live in the grace of God and share in the sweet communion of the Holy Ghost, having a desire for all to be delivered from the power of Satan.)



Blitch, Pastor Christopher & Marguerite, Grace Deliverance Outreach Ministries, C.O.G.I.C., 229 W Galena, Aurora, IL, 60506, Phone: 630-801-1455, Email:, (Ministry of healing to the wounded, and deliverance to the addicted persons.)


Eshiba, Apostle John, True Worshippers Ministries International, 1595 Kenilworth Dr., Calmer City, IL 60409, Phone: (773) 895-4184, Email: (We believe in the demonstration of God's glory and power to our generation. Healing, deliverance, salvation, miracles and prosperity. Acts 1:8 said, ..."you shall receive power, after the Holy Spirit comes upon you..." - the ability of God to fulfill the greater commission.)


Johnson, Aaron, Freedom Ministries, Independent, 146 Washington Ave, Westville, IL 61883, Phone:217.304.0801, Email: (I have been a licensed minister for three years. I have a Bachelors in Church Ministry through the Sure Foundation Theological Institute. I have only worked on two deliverance calls. One I believe has been delivered and faithfully follows Jesus Christ. The other I was only able to communicate with one time on the phone then she disappeared. However I study and pray every day and stay knowledgeable in the Word of God whether in season or out of season. I stress the fact that I am a servant of Jesus Christ and I offer my services free of charge unless there is a lot of travel required. Then I just ask for help with gas. I work a secular job and am not a pastor in a church. I do hold regular bible studies in my home.)

James Mobley, Called Out Assembly, Chicago: Website:


Huff, Pastor Gabriel, The Remnant of Christ's Kingdom Church, 126 S. Perkins, Rushville, IN 46173, Non-denominational, Phone: 765-932-2972, Email:  (We believe that in this society we live in there is a significant need for deliverance. We offer individual as well as group meetings to set the captives free. We do not charge for the Word of God says, "freely we have received, freely give." The deliverance of God is not for sale. It has already been bought by the blood of Jesus. If you would like to make a donation, that isup to you. We minister in any case. God bless you.)

Michael Thierer: Hegewisch Baptist Church (Highland), Websites: and

Lola, Apostle Bovic, Holy Ground Fellows, Independent, 2599 East 98th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46280, Phone: 317-850-1394, Email: Website:  (Carrying out the Great Commission with the confirmation and demonstration of the Power of the Holy Spirit; driving out devils (occult, drug addiction...), healing the sick, breaking and reversing curses and spells, cleaning haunted homes. Scales must fall off from people's eyes before they are able to see Jesus and follow Him. This deliverance ministry is very active and regular at this location.)


*Apostle-Prophet Carolyn Hendrix Engledow, D.D. The Early Church House Ministries International, Inc. Archbishop, Seer, and Christian Exorcist, Non-denominational, 1609 6th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403, (319)213-8568, Email: Email:   (We believe in the entire Holy Bible, worship, salvation and exorcism through Christ. Donations, tithes, offerings and travel expenses are welcomed. Before contacting me for ministry instructions and directions please listen to my videos which are on YouTube, Facebook Some of my sermon videos are also listed in the comment section below this webpage. You can also learn more about my ministry by clicking on the About The Founder tab, Carolyn Engledow Ministries, and TECHM International Inc. Christian Exorcism and Deliverance Ministry on this website.  Apostle Prophet Carolyn Hendrix Engledow is also listed on the List of  Exorcists (under Non-denominational Exorcists) on Wikipedia: 


Aubuchon, Pastor Cathy, Walk-Free, Affiliation: Evangel World Prayer Center, 5400 Minors Lane, Louisville, KY 40219, Phone: 502-964-3304 x1703, Email:  Website:  (Walk free is a biblically balanced ministry teaching the principals of spiritual warfare. We believe the purpose of deliverance is to enable believers to walk into a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, releasing them to fulfill their God given purpose in life. This is accomplished through truth encounters (John 8:32) and power encounters (Luke 10:19). Cathy is an Associate Pastor at Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville, KY. She is a member of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers holds certification in counseling with the International Society of Pastoral Psychologists.)


Chase, Apostle & Ambassador, Holy Covenant Tabernacle, Pentecostal Holiness Church of America, P.O. Box 11763, Louisville, KY 40251, Phone: 502-807-9189 Email:  website:  (We are a church dedicated to the Five-Fold Ministry [Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers])


Edwards, Pastor Tim, Grace Fellowship of Carrollton, A word of faith church under the spiritual authority of Grace Fellowship Ministries, Inc. (Lexington, KY) 2419 S. Hwy 53, La Grange, Ky40031, Phone: 502-525-2330, Email:  Website:  (A deliverance ministry and a prophetic anointing. We have an active ministry in two locations. One is in Carrolton, KY and the other is in Lagrange, KY( We also have trained deliverance teams and prayer teams that are all trained and experienced in deliverance ministry. We have successfully ministered in Africa, Bahamas and the USA.)


Immanuel, Dr. Stella, Fire Power Ministries, 1416 Metro Dr., Alexandria LA 71301, Phone: 318-792-5972, Email: Stella Immanuel is a prophet of God to the nations, called and trainedas God's Warrior Princess by the Holy Spirit. She is a true daughter of Dr. D.K. Olukoya of Mountain of Fire and Miracles ministries. She is a successful physician with an active staffed practice in Alexandria, La. Her attitude toward demonic forces has been described as cut-throat, a warrior to the core. She believes her call as a prophetess is to teach God's wounded army of believers violent warfare - her motto "the violent Taketh it by force"! Dr. Stella grew up in a culture where open warfare with bold, generational demons and stubborn strongholds were commonplace. She feels that violent prayer and open confrontation against the powers of darkness must be taught, learned and exercised by Christians for success and breakthroughs on various fronts in their personal lives, ministries and families. Dr. Stella devotes her life and resources to teaching believers everywhere to identify the source of spiritual weakness, deception and defeat and to learn strategies of warfare to enable them to get and maintain their own freedom.)


Jay, IV, Pastor Webb, Covenant Life Healing Tabernacle, Inc., Ponchatoula, Louisiana, Phone: 504-915-2944, Email:WEBBJAY4@COX.NET (We are an independent ministry and church specializing in the healing/deliverance ministry. Preaching Christ crucified to Tangipahoa and the world, changing lives, healing hearts, and rescuing those that are captive one soul at a time.)

Gene Moody: Be Delivered Ministries, Deliverance Ministries 14930 Jefferson Highway Baton Rouge, LA 70817-5217



Woods, Dean and Karen, Singing His Praises Ministry, Independent/Pentecostal, 19830 Colyell Bay, French Settlement, LA, Phone: 225-337-4956, Email: (We are both licensed ministers through the Seed of Faith Ministry in Chattanooga, TN. We have seen demons and faced them. We believe in binding and casting out demons from oppressed and tortured souls. We met a lady in Ooltewah, TN that was drunk, she recognized us as prophets and wanted prayer. While

praying she began speaking in devil's tongues and we cast out the demons from her. We also have been involved in casting out and binding an alcohol demon in a service in Winchester, TN.




Abudu, Pastor John, Harvest Vision Christian Center, Non-denominational, P.O. Box 248, Severn, MD 21144-0248, Phone: 214-687-7473, Email: (Pastor John is an authority in the deliverance ministry for many years. Through the anointing of God upon his life, he has assisted many to be liberated from the clutches of satanic manipulation and to become whom God created them to be.)


Akintade, Pastor Emmanuel Kayode,Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM). Address: 3601 Powder Mill Road, Beltsville, MD 20705, Postal: P.O. Box 13048, Silver Spring, MD 20911. The counseling office is located at 10207 Southard Drive, Beltsville MD 20705, Phones: 240-581-0961, 301-YesLord i.e. 301-937-5673, Fax: 240-241-5524, Emails: pastor.kayode@ya (MFM SilverSpring is a branch of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Worldwide with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria with Dr. D. K. Olukaya as General Overseer. Ministry description: An active deliverance ministry and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the boldness of the Holy Spirit fireworks and the unlimited demonstration of the power of God to heal and deliver to the uttermost.)


Bell, Evangelist Lyn, SLS Ministries Inc., Waldorf, MD 20603, Phone: 301-919-6840, Email  Website: (SLS Ministries is a ministry of healing through biblical counseling and prayer. We are an intercessory prayer ministry on the frontlines of spiritual warfare. The result is setting the captives free from bondage of hopelessness, sexual demonic spirits, unforgiveness, bitterness, witchcraft and memory blocks due to traumatic experiences. We also provide continual counseling with a variety of Christian counselors for ongoing healing.)


Chambers, Rev. C., Way Of Life Ministry, Independent, PO Box 35, Temple Hills, MD 204758, Phone: 202-550-1893, Email: Website: (An active and effective deliverance ministry. Traveling across America and abroad, preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! Restoring God's people, with the gifts of healing, all by the power of the Holy Ghost!)


Edmonds Jr, Rev. Dr. James R, Kingdom International Ministries, Independent, 52 Ebbtide Court. Essex, MD 21221, Phone: 410-961-1622, Email:  (We are a Church/Ministry focused on delivering God's people from any and all types of demonic bondages. We are a KINGDOM MINISTRY who is KINGDOM MINDED and ready to stay up and pray up with you any time of the day. Please call us ANYTIME 24 hours a day for prayer or counsel. We love you and more importantly, GOD loves you.)


Jones, Apostle Kerry E., Jesus Christ Prayer of Deliverance Church, 202 East Madison, Baltimore, MD 21202, Phone: 410-727-8286, Email: 




Farris, Apostle John, Greater Life Baptist Church, Independent, 660 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA 02124, Phone: (617) 436-8790,    Website:  (We are a deliverance ministry operating in the gifts of the anointing of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the five-fold ministry found in Ephesians 4:11. Visit us online.)


Olapade, Pastor Simeon, Garden of Victory Church, Pentecostal, 102 Essex Street, Lawrence MA 01842, Phone: 978-208-7327, Email: (The Garden of Victory Church, is a bilingual Church [English and Spanish]. We are called to deliver people from any and all kinds of bondages, demonic possession or attacks, generational, foundational and personal curses. Any witchcraft and occultist spells are dealt with through the mighty name of Jesus. Contact us or visit us and I am very confident that you'll be victorious in Jesus name.)


Davis, Prophet Daryl & Min. Marlene, Triumph Prophetic Healing & Deliverance Ministry, Independent, Address: Trumpeting High Praises Ministries, 18630 W. McNichols  (6 Mile), Detroit, MI 48219 (Approx. 3 blocks west of Southfield Rd.), Phone: (313) 213-7544, (Free Deliverance Clinic - Operating in Apostolic, Prophetic, Healing & Deliverance Anointing. Jesus came to set the captive free. Come get your permanent freedom from all drugs, pornography, gambling, sexual, homosexual addictions, generational curses, emotional strongholds of anger, mental illness, depression, anxiety, witchcraft, demonic influences or possession. Doors open every Thursday at 7:00 p.m.)


Fent, Dr. & Mrs. James, Sabaoth Ministries & Publications, First Assembly of God, 3340 Highview Drive, Berrien Springs, MI 49103, Phone: 269-471-5089, Email: (We have been in this ministry for the past 22 years. In addition to serving those in the Body of Christ in our local area, we travel and offer a three day workshop on deliverance, generational curses and spiritual warfare. During our 3 day workshop we provide limited opportunities for individual deliverance. When requested we stay on several days to provide more extensive individual deliverance; and/oprovide training for those who desire to get directly involved in deliverance ministry. If more specific information is desired, please contact me at your convenience.)

Scott,  Church of the Branches (Lacota) (269) 253-4234 



Arnett, Bishop Dr. Carolyn, Mercies of God FGBC Ministries, 2700 Selkirk Drive, Suite A201, Burnsville MN 55337, Phone: 952.736.5962, Email: (The Mercies of God Furthering God's Business Center is a deliverance ministry using the Word of God, believing the Word of God as our Weapon of Warfare. I am a Licensed Pastoral Counselor ready to do one-on-one and group counseling sessions. We believe in the Power of God to heal, deliver and set free at anytime. God is our expectation!)


Karuku, Pastor Charles & Lindsey, International Outreach Center Church, Independent, non-denominational, 1512 Woodhill Rd, Burnsville, MN 55337, Phone: 952-882-7729, Email: Website:  (We have a place with the atmosphere for healing and deliverance. Come and be set free in Jesus' name.)


Raupp, Minister Bill, Christian Youth Initiative, Independent, Street and Youth Ministry, 3123 23rd Ave., S. Minneapolis MN 55407, Phone: 612-306-2370, Email:  Website:  http://www.blogtalkrad  (Ministering to youth and young adults. Have experience in Deliverance through the power of Jesus name! Have specialized in Youth issues including addiction, mental health (ADHD, depression,self harm...etc) self-esteem, oppression and sexual abuse victims and abusers.)


Beverly, Apostle Jessie, Faith And Deliverance Church, 403 38th Ave., Meridian, MS 39307, Phones:601-701-4020 or 601-483-8631, Email: Website: (We are a church and ministry that is focused on delivering the Body of Christ as a whole. We are DEDICATED to deliverance for the non-believer and the believer alike.We are a fire baptized Holy Ghost filled Apostolic/Prophetic body of believers who have a passion for doing the work of the Lord at all costs. Under the leadership of Apostle Jessie Beverly, we will stay up and pray up until we see results. We are a five fold ministry called to bring not only ORDER, but DELIVERANCE to the body. We cast out any and all demons at any time. No matter what time it is, please call. If you can't reach the first number, please call the second number listed. Keep calling till someone answers. ASK for Apostle Jessie Beverly. Be ever so blessed in the name of JESUS!!!)


Fernandez, Paul & Eve Flaming Sword Ministries, Full Gospel Inter-denominational Evangelists, P.O. Box 159, Baldwyn, MS 38824, Phone: 662-365-7731, Website:    (Conduct Healing and Deliverance Services, Revivals, Deliverance Seminars, Ministerial Conventions and Counseling to individuals or churches, home groups and others. Through this powerful, but loving ministry multitudes have been saved, healed and delivered. Paul is a published author with 14 books and Eve is an anointed singer, composer and arranger, with 4 albums recorded in Nashville studios.)


Pastors, Triplett, Johnson, Deloach & George, Now Faith Deliverance Ministries, 4242 Magnolia St., Moss Point, MS 39563, Email  (Now Faith is dedicated to reaching out to those who are sick, broken, demonic depressed, etc. and get them healed in the Word of God. We believe and know that there is no situation that when committed to God, that He will change. God is giving people back their lives in this ministry, through much fasting, praying and teaching them how to walk in God's perfect will.)



Beaty, Lloyd, The Lord my Banner Ministry, HC2, Box 262, Wasola, Missouri, 65773,   Website: [The Lord my Banner Ministry is dedicated to serving our Lord Jesus Christ, and exposing the 'Unfruitful works of darkness.' We are committed, as vessels used by the King, to 'setting the Captives free.' The desire of our heart is to see people's lives changed. If you are hurting, if you've reached the bottom with no-where to go, or have no idea where to turn, maybe we can help. We know the Healer, the Deliverer, the Saviour, and His Name is Jesus! We know His heart. It is pure LOVE, GRACE and MERCY. With HIS WISDOM and Guidance, we will do our best to help.)


Bradford, Mike, Rain of FIRE Ministries, Independent, 710 West 2nd Street, Webb City, Missouri 64870, Phone: 417-396-9139, Email:   (I am a Disciple of Christ for 21 years and a minister for 10 years doing deliverance for the same amount of time, being totally led by the Holy Ghost.)


Howlett, Pastor Norman, Living Water Ministries, 2922 Brooklyn Ave, Kansas City, Missouri 64109, Phone: 816-923-2787, Email (My wife and I are spiritual counselors and we work in the deliverance ministry within our church. We minister to individuals who have drug and alcohol problems.)


Kelly-Nothnagle, Rev. Linda, Stronghold Mission Inner Healing Center,4510 Francis Lane, Seneca, MO 64865, Phone: 417-659-8753, Email:  Website:   (Specific inner healing program & deliverance for severe abuse victims, including occult abuse. Residential Facility in beautiful Ozarks available. 20 years successful experience. Studies and teaching on Spiritual Warfare available. Cleansing of Geographic locations, breaking curses and soul ties. Faith based, Christ Centered. We take insurance.)


Meeks, Bishop Jason L., Power of Worship, Healing & Deliverance Church Apostles of Christ Fellowship, 505 Chambers Rd., Saint Louis, MO 63137, Phone: 314-302-5183, Email: 


Verdot, Pastors Jack &Leesa,Freedom Ministries 2010, Non-denominational, PO Box 2041, Branson West, MO 65737, Telephone: (417) 559-6673 or (417) 559-7552, Email:  Website:  (Personal deliverance through identification of doors and gates accessed, closing of those doors, cancellation of permissions, binding, healing.)




Kyle, Pastor John,The Oasis Church, non-denominational, PO Box 50161, Billings, MT 59105, Website:  (Have been ministering deliverance and pastoring since 1983. We do personal deliverance as well as hold deliverance seminars and conferences. We personally knew the late Frank Hammond and received some training from him, John Duncan and others. Have taught deliverance in England and South America. You may make personal appointments and travel to MT for deliverance sessions.) There are also regularly scheduled weekly services with mass deliverance monthly.




Lainez, Pastor Samuel, Church: Guibbores del Olam, "Guerreros del Dios Etermono", 6909 Vivian Circle, Las Vegas, NV 89145, Independent, Phone: 702-610-2317, Email:      


Sanchez Jr., Pastors Vincent & Hudson R. Hyatt, Warriors For Jesus Christian Church, Non-denominational, Independent, 848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #253, Las Vegas, NV 89107, Phone: 702-742-1776, Email:

 Website:   (We are a Mobile Deliverance Ministry doing the ministry of Jesus. Prayer and Deliverance of the sick and afflicted. Over the phone Prayer and Deliverance, home and hospital visitation - prayer services, Home Bible Studies. We bring the presence of God with us to do the ministry. Mt 10:7-8 "As you go, preach this message: 'The kingdom of heaven is near.' Heal the sick, raise the dead,cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.")


Sanchez Jr., Pastor Vincente, Iglesia de Dios-Gurerreros  para Jesus, Non-denominational, Independent, 848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #253, Las Vegas, NV 89107, Phone: 702-742-4264,  Website:    GUERREROS PARA JESUS MINISTERIO MOVIL, Estamos transmite a los demonios Enfermos y expulsados. Traemos la liberacional enfermo y oprimido del diablo y ensenele

como quedarse libre. Y yendo, predicad, diciendo: El reino de los cielos se ha acercado. Sanad enfermos, limpiad leprosos, resucitad muertos, echad fuera demonios; de gracia recibisteis, dad de gracia. Mateo 10:7-8)




Judkins, Evangelist Dean, World Wide Faith Ministries, Independent, Non-denomination, non-profit ministry, 17 Horseshoe Pond Lane Rd, Suite B, Concord, NH 03301, Phone: (603) 229-7198, Email:   Websites:  (We are a ministry that believes fully in what the Bible has to say about deliverance and freedom in Christ Jesus. Our ministry is founded on Mark 16:15-20, and we have witnesed the deliverance power of Jesus through the power of His Blood, and through the power of His mighty Name.)

Mitchel, Jack, Jack Mitchel Seminars, Independent, P.O. Box 841, Rindge, New Hampshire, 03461, Phone: 888-338-3220, Email:   Website:  (Deliverance ministry, individual consultation, prayer for deliverance and group seminars available. Will travel. "I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life." Dt. 30:19)



Costello, Rev. Charles J., Ministry of Salvation, Independent Ministry, PO Box 0015, NJ 08886-0015, Phone: 908-454-8100, Cell: 201-803-3083, Email:  Website:  (Has been involved for 22 years in deliverance. Affiliated with Full Salvation Fellowship in Australia. Is a nonresident member of Hegewisch Baptist Church & Agape Fellowship; both are active deliverance ministries. Ministry of Salvation is a non-profit New Jersey Corp. since 1986, serving all who need help.)


Garilano, Helena, PO Box 3105, Bayonne, NJ 07002, Independent, Website:  (Willing to teach deliverance to any church that asks her help)


Phillip, Apostle J.E.S., Pentecostal Cathedral of Deliverance & Salvation, Healing & Deliverance Ministries with the Fire of Pentecost, Inc., Independent Full Gospel & Pentecostal Church & Ministries, 782 South 18th St., Newark, NJ, Phone: 973-372-5597, Fax: 973-372-7943, Email: Website:  (Using the Name, the Blood, and the Word of God both in teaching and demonstration. Ministering to both men and women deliverance, healing school, faith and training believers to function effectively in the five fold ministry. )




Mason, Darrel, Fury of Faith Ministry, Independent, 9512 Woodland Ave NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87112, Phone: 505-256-2562, Email: Website:  (Preaching the Word of God in power. We minister deliverance, evangelism, healing, teaching, spiritual warfare based upon Biblical principles. Using the Word of God, the blood of Jesus and the name of Jesus we affect a change upon individuals to come into the fullness of purpose God intended for them as His children. Our motto, our mission and our calling is "Reaching the Lost, Equipping the Saints, and Setting the Captives Free.")


Sanchez, Minister Max, Living Cross Christian Restoration Center, Independent, 10001 Old Coors Rd. SW, Albuquerque, NM 87121, Phone: 505-224-2860, Email:  website: (We are a 'Restoration Ministry' not a church; and for this reason we are multi-pronged to respond to whatever situation that may arise.)



Agoha, Pastors Isidore & Maureen, Triumphant Life Church/Calvary Campaign Ministries, Non-denominational, 3048 Holland Ave, Bronx, NY 10467, Phone: 718-231-1604, Email:  Website:  (Triumphant Life Church is an apostolic and evangelistic Christian ministry, with a focus on healing and deliverance, under the leadership of Pastor Isidore Agoha. Calvary Campaign Ministries (CCM) is the global outreach ministry of Triumphant Life church based on the scripture, Acts 26:18 "To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me." At Triumphant Life Church you can expect multicultural worship and praise, strategic prayer and intercession, spiritual warfare, bible expositions as well as revelatory teachings of fundamental truths of God's word. All are welcome to be part of God's revolution through Triumphant Life Church and Calvary Campaign Ministries. Check our website for more information.)


Bagot, Pastor Egbert, Zion Deliverance Temple, 1843 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11233, Zion is located at the corner of Pacific & Eastern Parkway. Phone: 718-385-4375, Email:   (Zion is a Word Based Church, with dynamic worship, praise, healing and deliverance for the sick and demon possessed. This is done by the laying on of hands. Come and join us and experience God's power and glory.)


Eldred, Ward, Starfish Ministries, Independent, 38 Carroll St., Binghamton, NY 13901, Phone: 607-217-5188, Email:    (Deliverance, healing and whatever else the Lord asks of us.)


Rivers, Pastors Charles L. & Lois, End-Time Revival Church, 1565 E. Delavan Ave., Buffalo, New York 14215, Pentecostal, Phone: 716-775-3202, Email:  (We have been involved in deliverance ministry for over 25 years.)


Rodriquez, D.D., Rev. Ivan, Ambassadors of Truth International Ministries, PO Box 70395, Brooklyn, NY 11207, Affiliation: Global Strategic Apostolic Network,  (Apostolic and Prophetic Life Strategies, Deliverance)


Ryklin, Rabbi Hadassah, Messianic Temple Beth El, 1641 76th St., Brooklyn, NY 11214, Email:  website:  (Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin is a Spirit filled deliverance Rabbi ministering deliverance to the disciples of

Yahshua Ha Mashiach/Jesus the Messiah in all areas of life: spiritual, emotional, physical and financial. She conducts a deliverance seminar: "Woman, thou art not loosed". Rabbi Hadassah Ryklin ministers to people addicted to: coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, food, pornography, sexual perversion, homosexuality, gambling etc. She also deals with depression, oppression, heaviness, rejection, hopelessness, suicide as well as New Age, and witchcraft. She ministers to the Bishops, Pastors, Rabbi, Priests as well as the parishioners.)


Torres, Min. Pedro, Independent, President of Warriors of the Cross International Ministry, Inc. PO Box 548, Syracuse, NY 13201, Phone: 315-383-3755 or 315-475-0203, Email:   (This is a bilingual ministry of deliverance and spiritual healing.)




Alson, Bishop S. Jamal & Pastor Shelia, Shabach Full Gospel Deliverance Ministries, Inc., Independent, 8800 Hwy 39, South Zebulon, NC, Phone: 919-744-8558, Email:   (Shabach is a Healing Center of Faith, Hope, and Love; where each one can-surely reach one. Come let us reason together as we experience the Fire of the Last Day Revival. You will never be the same again.)


Byers, Jr., Garland F.,The Lutheran Orthodox Church of Our Savior, 558 Kelly Road, Forest City,NC, 28043, Phone: 828-657-9155, Email: Website:  (All power in Heaven and on earth has been given to our LORD Jesus Christ and He has established this ministry in valid Apostolic Succession to use His authority to set His people free from demonic oppression, obsession, possession, and vexation of any kind brought about by the evil one. Deliverance is not a "one time" event despite what the popular media would have people believe. A thorough investigation of the person and event(s) is completed and afterward, once other cause have been ruled out, a total approach is used whereby the root cause(s) of demonic opposition is/are identified and the person is ministered to throughout the process until final victory and deliverance is achieved. The person ministered to is encouraged at all times to dedicate his/her life to Jesus Christ and to attend Church regularly in a Church where spiritual warfare teachings are taught to the faithful for continued victory in Jesus. The root cause of demonic influence and/or oppression or possession must be identified and eliminated for victory to be achieved ultimately. The Holy Spirit is THE guide in determining all matters and things related to deliverance and everything that is done through this ministry and Church is done to glorify God and to further His Will. My staff and I are available to assist other ministers in deliverance ministry ceremonies in certain instances and we are also available for consultation on these and other matters by telephone or through electronic mail. My staff and I are also available to serve as Prayer Warriors in times of need, whether before, during, or after a deliverance ceremony, or all of the above. There is no charge for any assistance given either to a minister or to anyone else who may find themselves or a loved one in need of deliverance ministry whenever assistance is genuinely asked for and The Holy Spirit  thereafter leads us to engage the enemy for His glory.)


Chandler, Evangelist Michael Tyrone, Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Inc. P.U.S.H. Consulting Ministries, 4202 Bernau Ave., Greensboro, North Carolina 27407, Phone: 336-299-4818, Email:   

Johnson, Stan, Glad Tidings Ministry, Independent, 5020 Hicone Road, Greensboro, NC 27405, Phone: 336-375-7788, Email:  Website:  [I am a 75 year old Evangelist that has been delivering people from oppression and bondages of the devil by phone, personal appointment, and various gatherings where I teach and minister deliverance. My website also has 24 hour/ 7 days a week "Live Deliverance." ]


Kitchin, Pastor Robert L., Spoken Word Ministry, non-denominational, High Shoals, NC, Phone:704-923-0460, Email:  website:


Merry Jr., Rev. Frederick G., Fruit Of The Spirit Ministries, Non-denominational, 4625 Garden Terrace, Concord, NC 28027, Phone: 980-621-4697, Emails: (We are a church that believes in casting out demons and setting people free. We teach them that they have to be set free of things from the past and we encourage complete healing as described in the bible. We stand on Eph 5:22-23. All men can be set free.)


Norman, Apostle Leonard, Faith, Deliverance and Healing Ministries, 610 East Church Street, Smithfield, NC 27577, Phone: (919) 934-3750, Email:  Website :   Affiliation: Under the leadership of Overseer, Dr. Jacki London, Pastor of Pillar of Fire Worship Center, (FD&HIM was founded on Feb 2, 2002 by Founder and Senior Pastor, Apostle Leonard Norman. The ministry has been established for five years and from day one the Lord has been bringing deliverance to those who are bound and in captivity by satan. The ministry has helped countless men and women get a new start in life by being set free by the power of the Holy Spirit from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.   


Ratcliff, Elder Clarence & First Lady Christine,  True Praise And Deliverance Tabernacle, Pentecostal, 1703 Legion Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27517, Phone: 919-969-6888, Email:  Website:  ["A Life Changing Ministry."]


Spell, Mark and Lillian, Disciples of Christ Deliverance and Evangelical Center, Independent, 3708B Wake Forest Hwy., Durham, NC, Phone: 919-321-4924, Email:  Website: [Apostle Dr. Mark L. Spell, Sr., founded the Disciples of Christ Deliverance Ministries, Inc., in June 1997. The sole purpose of the Disciples of Christ Deliverance Ministries, Inc., is to teach, reach and disciple people of various racial and ethnic backgrounds; to demonstrate love and compassion in the community; and to be an example and support to our fellow laborers in the Gospel.]


White, Apostle Daniel & Devetta, Church: Refuge of Deliverance, 415 E. Church St., Laurinburg,NC 28352, Phone: 910-276-9990, Email: Website: (A healing and deliverance ministry serving the Laurinburg, NC area for over 10 years.)



Brackman, Prophetess Blossom,Walking with God Ministry International, Independent, Hilton Garden Inn, 3928 Jackpot Rd, Grove City, Ohio 43123, Phone: (800) 442-7953 or (614) 871-1183, Email:, Website:,, (Walking with God MinistryInternational believes in breaking the shackles and chains of men and women that have been bound by the enemy, delivering the whole man, spirit, soul and body. Jesus is the prescription for every situation. We teach and have workshops and seminars and use other venues as tolls with the Uncompromised Word of God's truth to walk in the joy and fullness of the power of God.)


Covered By The Blood! Ministry, Independent, 1845 Chippewa Drive, Circleville, OH 43113, Phone:740-420-7694, Cell: 740-248-2528, Email: (I have been anointed to set the captives free of demonic oppression, possession, and depression. My ministry is geared towards women; to set women free and teach them what Jesus has done for them to set them free and strengthen them to work in the Kingdom of God.)


Hawkins Jr., Rev. Louis E., True Worship Deliverance Ministries, Independent, 2200 Prospect St., Cleveland, Ohio, 44115, (Inside of the Y.M.C.A. Butler Hall). Phone: 216-456-1003, Email:  (We at True worship Deliverance Ministries have been together 2 years. Our church believes 100% in casting demons out of troubled souls. For how can you worship the Lord in spirit and in truth, if your not delivered?)


Mann, Ray, Beyond The Curse, PO Box 1254, Buckeye Lake, Ohio 43008, Phone: 740-877-6260, Email address:       Website:  (I have practiced deliverance and spiritual warfare for 12 years and have seen people set free and saved from all types of bondage.)


Moore, Vernon, 7233 Bard Rd, Tipp City, OH 45371, Phone: (937) 718-4891, Email:, I have been involved in some deliverance services. I have seen devils come out of people screaming and throwing up. There were some convulsions as well. I know the names of a lot of spirits, but not every one. I believe in getting people delivered and not just the devil cast out of them. I do believe and know and have seen for myself demonic possession in people. If you come to me seeking a deliverance I want it to be for real and not some vanity type things such as losing five pounds for the high school reunion type thing. You have to truly want to be set free and make a change in yourself. I will ask you if you know Jesus.)


Nadolny, Rev. Jayson D.,Bought By Blood Ministries, 4817 N. Ridge E., Ashtabula, Ohio 44004, Email: or , Website: (We desire to see Jesus set the captives free and we believe that this will be done in the name of Jesus and through His shed blood! We hold to the words of Matthew 10:8 and follow them.)


Robinson, Dr., Pastor, Due Season Ministries International, Nondenominational, 1739 Burroughs Drive, Dayton OH 45406, Phone: (937) 275-3770, Email: Website:  (Due Season Ministries International's vision and mission are to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching biblical principles and how it relates to your health, lifestyle, faith, and science. We believe that the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few. God is seeking people who are serious about Kingdom building and purpose. He's ready to give you the desire of your heart. Your Due Season Harvest is ready! We are dedicated to educating and preparing those who are familiar and unfamiliar with the Word of God, by mentoring and leading by example the unsaved, and the saved, to show forth fruit in and out of season based on the biblical teachings of Jesus Christ. Once you know the formula for success, the rest is easy. We provide weekly wellness ministries, deliverance to the demonically oppressed, bible studies, health and wellness conferences, revivals, retreats, and women's conferences.)



Jordan, William, Ph. D., D. Apol., Jordan Christian Ministries, Independent, Baptist beliefs, P.O. Box 806, Choctaw, OK, 73020-0806, Phone: (405) 390-1371, Cell: (405) 570-4328, Email:  Website: (Ministry description: Occult apologetics, Christian ethics, Evangelism, Exorcism-Deliverance Ministry, Exorcist Training Program, Spiritual Warfare Training Program.



Love, Pastor Ora, Set The Captive Free School of deliverance and Ministry, Church Without Walls, 247 East Armat Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144, Tel. 215-848-0208, Emails:  Website: (Please feel free to call at any time. Because it is important that the people of God be set free of bondages and any strongholds in their lives. Jn. 10:10,  The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy; I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly. Abundant life includes salvation, healing and prosperity. Salvation is the beginning of deliverance from generational curses and the bondages that we came into the Kingdom of God with. For almost three decades I have cast out demons of murder, suicide, rage, rebellion, rejection, resentment, incest, sexual perversion, witchcraft and much, much more. I have seen God transform the lives of His people right before my eyes. What an awesome God we serve. AMEN?)


Murchison, Pastor Ruby, Faith Refuge Deliverance Ministries, Incorporated. , 4323 North Fifth Street, Philadelphia, PA ,


Reynolds, Rev. Dr. Byron (CPE), Pastor, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Ctr. New Florence, PA 15944, website:   


Sanders, Rev. Jean, Agape Women's Ministries, Inc.,Independent, 202 South Academy Street,Mansfield, PA 16933, Phone: 570-662-1095, Email:  


Schmoyer, Pastor Jerry,Main Street Baptist, 252 W. State St., Doylestown, PA   18901, Phone: 215-348-8086,    website: http:/


Shannon, Douglas, St Francis Healing Arts, Independent, 73 South Mountain Blvd, Mountain Top, PA 18707, Phone: 570-453-1994, Email: (I have been in healing and deliverance ministry for over 20 years. Twelve of those years I spent in a monastery working with people from all faiths. I continue this ministry out of my home in Northeast Pennsylvania.)


Smolick, Gene, Our Lady's Mercy House, Catholic Lay Apostolate, 402 South 15th Street, 309 Allentown, PA 18102, 

Email:, (God's healing ministry includes deliverance, prayer and spiritual warfare. Many of the healings I witness are in reality deliverances! ["When you prayed for me, I felt something lift," explained a surprised elderly woman.] It is the "anointing" that causes evil spirits to manifest during prayer; and with this "anointing," I drive them out in Jesus' Name! "We do not accept donations; God's gifts are free.")


Yurkovich, John & Teri, Independent, ordained by Sword of the Spirit Ministries, Phone: 724-628-7349, Located in Connellsville, Pa., an hour east of Pittsburg. [They minister in deliverance and healing, and are spontaneously led by the Holy Spirit in teaching and preaching. They open up their home, sharing all they have and minister for free. They have ministered to satanists, those dedicated to satan, high priests, wiccans, Christians and other hard cases. They will travel to minister to a person even if located hundreds of miles away.]




Baker, Pastor Billy, Socastee Community Church, [A Healing Place For Hurting People], 7311 Hwy. 544, Myrtle Beach, SC 29588, Phone: 843-458-0798, (Using spirituals roots to diseases, we are able to find spirits and send them out. We then retrain people in the Lord to maintain their healing.)


Davis, Natalie - Deliverance Minister, Kingdom Deliverance Ministries, Non-denominational, 123 Browns Square Drive, Walhalla, SC 29691, Phone: 864-381-8114, Email:  Website:

(Prophetic, Inner Healing and Deliverance ministry in the Oconee County, SC area. Monthly (1st Sundays) Mass Deliverance Services and Online deliverance sessions. We also teach and train ministries and individuals in inner healing and deliverance.)


Phillips, Ronald, New Vision International Ministries, Independent, 407 Putman Street, Fountain Inn, SC 29644, Phone: 864-963-3372,,  (We provide training as well as personal deliverance to the oppressed. We cast out devils in the name of Jesus Christ and minister to the total man. We have been operating in the ministry of deliverance for 12 years.)


Simmons, Chvone, Tomayo Ministries Inc., Independent, PO Box 30322, Charleston, SC 29417, Phone: (843) 830-9325,                         Email: (Deliverance, healing and prophetic)




Dowdy, Gerald, Freedom Life Ministries, Milan Vineyard Christian Fellowship, 1076 Wahl Street, Milan, Tennessee 38358, Phone: 731-723-8463,, (Deliverance and inner healing ministry. Deliverance and inner healing sessions directly after the Sunday morning service. Call Vineyard office for details. If no answer, call 731-662-4550. If no answer, leave a message. We will call you back.)


Varno, Donna, Freedom Keepers Ministry, New Life Community Church, 2414 Valley View Rd, Joelton TN 37090, Nashville DWJD team with Bob Larson Ministry, Phone: 615-358-8120,, Website: (Freedom Keepers Ministry has been ministering to those who are spiritually bound for 10 years. We minister inner healing and deliverance to those who have suffered from all forms of abuse, abandonment, rejection, addictions, occult involvement and satanic ritual abuse. We have an understanding of dissociation and multiple personality issues and have seen the Lord bring great healing to hundreds of people who have suffered great trauma and emotional pain in their lives. Donna Varno is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Donna, and her husband Richard, are ordained ministers

through the Spiritual Freedom Church of Scottsdale, Arizona. Donna has ministered deliverance in New Zealand, Antiqua, Mexico and Haiti. Freedom Keepers also conducts deliverance training for church leaders and pastors who are wanting to learn how to set the captives free.)


Ward, Evg. Dale, Step Of Faith Ministries, Deliverance Ministries, Deliverance Crusades, Non-denominational, 1895 Loudon Highway, Kingston, TN 37846 Phone: (865) 809-2850,, (Deliverance Crusades in churches to see those tormented delivered in Jesus' name.)




Carl Henderson: Website:

Pastors Jim & Alberta Landry, Christ Outreach Ministries 2894 Magnolia Beaumont, TX 77703

Member of the Board of Directors: Lake Hamilton Bible Camp Hot Springs, AR.

Albelice, Joyce, Freedom-Ministry, Non-denominatonal, 106 County Road 416, Brazoria, TX 77422, Phone: 979-417-7212,, (If it is fear, anger, drugs, alcohol, sex, abortion, witchcraft, depression, panic attacks, doubt and unbelief or an unhealthy relationship. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to set the captives

FREE. This FREEDOM is for today and it is for YOU! If you would like to talk or need someone to pray with, please call us. )

Bell, Stephen, The KEY Ministries, Non-denominational, 3201 West Pipeline Rd., Euless, TX 76040-6201,Phone: (817) 283-1700,, (Located in Dallas/FortWorth area, we have facilities for those who need to come for more than a

one-time ministry session. We also have a local body of believers who meetregularly on our campus and take part in the ministry to those who come.Stephen Bell and his wife traveled and ministered with Frank and Ida Mae Hammond, authors of Pigs in the Parlor. Deliverance is a vital part of the local body here, and we reach out to and receive all those who are wanting freedom

and healing from oppression.)

Brown, Pastor Shane, The Prayer of Faith Ministry, Affiliation: Charismatic, Full-Gospel, Independent, P.O. Box 536,

New Caney, Texas 77357, Phone: 281-844-5216, Email:, Website: (Independent, Full-Gospel Ministry dedicated to praying for and healing the sick, casting out

demons, counseling those held captive, and teaching God's Word without compromise.)

Burton, Pastor Mitsi, That Way of Jesus, Jesus The Deliverer Church, Independent, P.O. Box 2854, Sugar Land, TX 77487-2854, Phone: 281-565-9634, Email:,Website: (Bringing a message of salvation, healing and deliverance. You do not have to live tormented, confused or under a curse! Jesus set the captives free!)

Cole, Apostle B., Apostolic Global Ministries, 2800 Antoine Dr. Ste. 2862A Houston,TX 77092,Telephone: 1-866-833-8357, (Deliverance ministry has become a prominent feature in the Church. The concept is well embedded in Pentecostal history and we believe it is a central function of the gospel and a necessary work in the end time Church. Apostolic Global Ministries is for individuals, groups, and churches who are in bondage. Those who are struggling with strongholds in their lives, such as fear, addictions, rejection, hurt, abuse, sickness, homosexuality and more. Our goal is to lead

the unsaved to salvation and deliverance and to teach the saints of God spiritual warfare and equip disciples for deliverance ministry. Deliverance training and private deliverance are available. Call for more information.)

Cruz, Eve, Fleetwood, Sylvia Lyn, Sawyer, Melanie, Independent/Non-denominational, PO Box 2565, Phone: 940-368-0403, Email:, (Christian guide to spiritual warfare and


Davis, Shane, Covenant Warriors International Ministries (CWIM), Independent/Apostolic/Prophetic Ministry, POB 393, Springtown, Texas 76082, Phone: 817-304-5195,, Website:

on Tangle,,,, (We adhere to the three-fold healing process of spirit, soul, and body. Modeling Christian values, virtues and relationships through the

controlled, secure Family Orientated Behavioral Modification Modeling Environment Technique. Mentoring and empowering the victims of severe ritual trauma causing Multiple Personality Disorder and Disassociative Identity Disorder to become productive citizens in the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. Providing Christian advocacy, consulting, and resources for

professional organizations, paraprofessionals, pastors, and other interested persons regarding Ritual Abuse, Multiple Personality Disorder, Disassociative Identity Disorder, mind control (programming) and spiritual activity in and around physical

locations (paranormal activity.)

Devitt, Tom and Pam, Tom and Pam Devitt Ministries, 15914 Darlington Gap, San Antonio, TX 78247,, Website:, [Affiliated with the healing House Network, International, Hendersonville, NC.] (We do a ministry called Restoring the Foundations. The four areas of ministry are: Sins of the Fathers and the Resulting Curses – UngodlyBeliefs -Soul/Spirit Hurts - Demonic Oppression. We spent four years in the UK establishing a network of teams doing this ministry. We now minister primarily in the USA.)

Duggan, Dorman & Jana, Kingdom Way Ministries, Community Church, P.O. Box 2542, Hereford,TX 79045, Phone: 806-364-2423, Email address:,, (We believe in delivering the whole man, spirit, soul and body. Jesus is the deliverer, and He has come to set the captives free, and He wants us free indeed.)

Ehimen, Rev. Samuel & Mrs. Patience, Victorious Life Bible Church, 600 BarwoodPark, Apt 1034, Austin, TX 78753, Phone: 651-705-2448,, (Rev. Samuel Ehimen is a young, dynamic and seasoned preacher of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is a provoking and inspiring speaker, a revivalist, deliverance minister, prayer warrior and a fearless teacher of the Word of God. By the grace of God, he has found favor of the Lord in ministry of healing and deliverance. Many whose cases have been written off have found solutions in the name of Jesus through his ministrations. Those who were under demonic attack got delivered as he ministered under the power of the Holy Ghost. He is also deeply involved in missions to the unreached. He has been on mission outreach in Togo, Ghana, Cameroon, USA, Nigeria, Kenya and Liberia. He is also a Christian literature writer. More information can be obtained at the ministry website.)

Frans, Wayne & Angela, Freedom Counseling Services, 2049 Griffith Ave., Terrell, TX 75160,,, (Facility available for weekend housing for intensive counseling/deliverance. Longer stays are possible depending on circumstances.NO CHARGE/donations are accepted. Counseling in all areas: (Financial, Marriage/pre-marriage, all types of abuse, Mind control and programming. Staff has personal and extensive experience in MPD/DID (multiple personalities),

cults; religious, New Age, occult, satanic and witchcraft. Will help those in captivity defect and leave cults. Will help them move, get a job and be safe.)

Heifner, Sr., Pastor Tim W.,Recovery By The Cross, Recovery Church, non-denominational, 400 N. Prairieville, Athens, Texas 75751, Phone: 903-216-3205, Email:, (We have been working in a recovery ministry for over 4 years and have come to the

realization that no matter what your addiction there are spiritual reasons for the addiction. Our goal is to identify the demonic spirits (principalities) that rule over and feed the addiction. Through biblical means we deal with each spirit and help you gain and keep freedom from them. Healing is also a major part of our ministry, and prayer is the means God has given us to approach Him

for the healing and deliverance He has promised.)

Hughes, Hazel, Hazel Hughes Ministries, Independent - Miracle Land Church, 7427 Martin Luther King Blvd, Houston, TX 7721-1261, Phone: 713-747-8304, Email:, Website:, (We are a ministry that equips the saints for the work of the ministry by teaching the Word of God in the area of deliverance and providing personal ministry and prayer. We provide seminars on several subjects as well as working with other ministries to train their personal ministry teams.)

Ikota, Rev. Pie-Rene N., All Nations Church, Independent, 940 N. Belt Line Road., Suite 121, Irving, TX 75061, Phone: 817-685-2291,,, (Active deliverance ministry in Africa and USA [Dallas Metroplex])

Kollie, Rev. J. Allen, Calvary Fellowship International, Open Bible Churches, 738 S. Jupiter Road, Garland, TX 75042, Phone: 214-994-6922,, Website:, (Rev. J. Allen Kollie is an Apostle called to heal, restore and strengthen the body of Christ. Signs and wonders are following the ministry. Souls are being delivered and renewed daily among the brethren. From Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ghana, England and the United States the empowerment of God continues

to touch and move. For the deliverance summit and clinic call us. May God bless you.)

Little Sparrow Ministries, PO Box 307, Lindale, TX 75771, Phone: 903-882-6725,,

Website:, (We use a biblical approach to deliverance. According to the Word, the anointing of

God breaks the yokes or bondages that Satan has placed in your life. The outcome of deliverance is between you, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and deliverance can take place instantly or over a period of time. God is in control. We provide an avenue for Truth to come forth in joint agreement with you to find God's plans for your life and for restoration of your body, soul and spirit.)

McGhee, Geri, Abiding Life Ministries, Independent, non-denominational, 15642 CR 434, P.O. Box 1141, Lindale, TX 75771, Phone: 903-882-1965, 903-262-6654 [Geri McGhee has been in the deliverance ministry for 24 years and is the Director of Abiding Life Ministries. She is a member of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers founded and led by C. Peter & Doris Wagner. Since 1990, Geri has been teaching "In the Word Deliverance and Healing Seminars" all over the United States where she has seen God work mighty signs and wonders to accompany His Word. People who attend the meetings are experiencing God's healing touch spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally as well as learning principles of the "overcoming life". The knowledge and spiritual insights God has given Geri is setting many free.]

Massey, Deborah; Journey2Wholeness Ministries (affiliated with "Be In Health", Pleasant Valley, GA) Address: 6245 Rufe Snow Drive, 280-337, Fort Worth, Texas 76148, Phone: 877-723-7716, Email:,

Website:, (Journey2 Wholeness Ministries is a teaching/healing ministry through deliverance of "A More Excellent Way". We are not "Be In Health Ministries" of Georgia. We are located in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. "J2WiSchool", [] is an online distance learning ministry and deliverance from the convenience of your home through the Webnar internet classroom. Personal ministry to active class participants and those who have attended our classes; after attending iSchool, walkout iGroups online through internet Webnar for those who want more. This ministry teaches why you are sick in the first place and helps you walk out of your illnesses [spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically] - body, soul and spirit) so that you will stay well mentally and physically. Please contact Deborah Massey at

Motal, Rev. Darrell Gene, Soul & Spirit, Affiliated with Crossroad Covenant Church, 201 Main Street, Sheffield, Texas 79781,, (Soul & Spirit provides one on one pastoral counseling and deliverance for victims of demonic possession and Satanic ritual abuse.)

Munoz, Bro. Johnny, Risen Word Ministries, C/O Power House Church, 805 Marina Bay Dr., Kemah, TX 77586, Phone: (409) 974-0475,,, (I have been very active in ministry since

the Spring of 1989. The Lord has used me to set people free from alcohol and drug addictions. There are too many things to mention. The Holy Ghost has used me tremendously since I got save on Sept 2, 1984. I count it an honor and a privilege that He uses me to minister salvation to the lost and to the one who is saved, but needs to be set free (saved) from bondage. Please feel free to go

to my website for more info. You will be able to get my personal information, see what the Lord has done for me and through me, plus there is a current message and some messages in archives.)

Nabushosi, Pastor Bona, House for Restoration Church, Independent Charismatic, 9808 Coolidge Drive, McKinney, TX 75070, Phone: 972-464-7167, Website: (We believe that all of the spiritual gifts displayed in the New Testament church are as present and available today as they were 2000 years ago. If you or someone close to you is seeking physical, spiritual or marital healing and deliverance, please contact us for prayer or visitation. )

Nowlen, Paul, FREE In The LORD Ministries, 3201 West Pipeline Road, Euless, TX  76040-6201, Phone: 817- 358-4808,, Websites: (English), (Spanish) (Deliverance is the major ministry of Jesus [Mt 10:1-8; Luke 4:18; Mark 1:39; Mark 16:17; Mt 12:28]. Deliverance teaches godly order, expelling demons from repentant believers, breaking curses, healing the sick and setting captives free to know Jesus more intimately. Believers need to be part of a body ministry, to understand the issues of forgiveness, bitterness, rejection, abuse, anger, generational curses, to be transparent with the Lord, desire to be set free and live a life of obedience to God's Word. Jesus is the only deliverer and only in "His name" can a demon be cast out. Freely give, freely receive.

Palma, Nel, Phil-Am Victory Deliverance Ministry, (Affiliation: Philippine American Victory Church), 9510 Mariposa Bend Lane, Houston, TX 77089, Phone: 8326932546, (The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty the that are bruised. Luke 4:18. We do not charge money. Freely we receive, freelywe give.)

Prevost, Apostle Orel, Freedom Ministry Center, Affiliated with the International Society of Deliverance Ministers (ISDM), 6780 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas 77074, Telephone: 713-334-6731,,

website:, (Join Apostle Orel Prevost as he ministers freedom from the following bondages: Generational curses, demonic oppression, demonic influence, involvement in occult witchcraft, addictions, all kinds of abuse, negative life cycles, hurtful habits and more! Bring the sick, blind, paralyzed and oppressed. Come and experience the wonderful delivering power of Jesus Christ.)

Thornton, Norma, Jeremiah 29:11 Ministries, Non-Denominational, 5735 Sandshell Cir E 54203, Fort Worth, Texas 76137, Phone: 817-829-6433, Email:,, (The main goal of Jeremiah 29:11 Ministries

is to reach out to hurting women. If you have been abused either physically or sexually or are hurting in any way we are here to help you. We are not counselors but are instruments of God to help women break loose from the bondages that are brought on by the pains they have suffered. We also minister to men when we have a male minister available to sit in on our sessions. Jeremiah 29:11 says; For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.This scripture says that God desires for us to be happy and free of the bondages that the enemy attempts to put on us. We minister freedom from these bondages through deliverance and inner healing. We have a total of 23 years of experience in deliverance ministry.

Traslavina, Ralph and Cecilia, Deliverance/Inner Healing Ministry, Independent/non-denominational, 8418 Copperplace, Converse, TX 78109, Phone: 210-300-3157, (We minister Deliverance and Inner Healing to English and Spanish-speaking adults and children. We are a Christ-based, Holy Spirit-led ministry. We minister to those demonically-oppressed due to involvement with drugs or witchcraft or suffering mental/emotional problems due to trauma, addiction, or other adverse circumstances of life. We also minister to those diagnosed as bi-polar, or suffering with Dissociative Identity Disorder, to include "split" personality.

We have an Exorcism ministry and on a selective basis will exorcise buildings/properties of spiritual entities bound to that location.)

Young, Lou and Sun, Whitehorseoutreach, Flower Mound, Texas 75028, Independent, Fullgospel, five fold ministry, Phone: 972-691-7771, (A ministry of Salvation, Healing and Deliverance. For help with nightmares, sickness, suicide, spiritual house cleaning, occult, witchcraft, cutting, addiction, or any other thing that keeps you in bondage. There is nothing impossible for those who believe in CHRIST JESUS.)


Brock, Joe, Evangelist, Grace and Truth Ministries, Independent, Rt. 2, Box 459, Pennington Gap, VA 24277,,, (Itinerant Minister with an emphasis on deliverance ministry, warfare in the heavens and in the church. Been involved in spiritual warfare ministry for 12 years in the states and abroad. We cannot win if we do not fight.)

Cross,Jr., Apostle Richard, Greater El Bethel Deliverance Center, 4324 Holland Rd, Suffolk Va 23437, Affiliated with Apostolic Faith Church of God Live, Phone: (757) 3511,,, (Apostle RH Cross Jr and his team work in a powerful healing and deliverance ministry with signs and wonders in operation. He is a vice-bishop

in the Apostolic Faith Church of God Live on (Trinitarianism) organization. The Apostle operates in the 5-fold ministry in the Body of Christ internationally. As a deliverance minister, he daily combats against demonic strongholds such as the occult, unexplainable sicknesses, love witchcraft, tormenting spirits, addictions, curses etc.)

Ducksworth, Bishop Dannie R., Presiding Bishop & Chief Apostle, Cornerstone City ofRefuge Ministries International Church,, Website: (A True Ministry that operates under the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit. Spirit Warfare is a major part of our ministry here at "The City." Souls are being delivered and set free from the hand of the enemy. We plead the Blood of Jesus over every stronghold that attempts to overtake God's property.)

Foster, Cyndi, founder and overseer of Beauty For Ashes Ministry and Church, 487 Denbigh Blvd, Newport News, VA 23608, Phone: 757-890-0007,,, (Beauty For Ashes is a training and equipping

ministry setting the captives free and then training them to set others free. We are training over 60 pastors in the Philippines to move in the areas of emotional healing and deliverance as well as holding weekly meetings at our location where we both do deliverance ministry and train others. With over 600 hours of teaching on CD's and DVD's Cyndi ministers locally with two radio broadcasts daily. We have a corporate weekly meeting on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm called Make It Real with a focus on setting people free from spiritual bondage [this is watched live web streaming by our associate churches in the Philippines.] Monthly seminars and

conferences are scheduled to take this vital ministry to as many as possible.)

Goodman, Mark & Noreen,, 1871 Richmond Hwy., Gladstone VA  24553, Phone: 434-946-9144, We have been in deliverance 18 years. Derek Prince is one of our favorite writers. Helping marriages is our main focus. We offer a 5 day stay in

our apartment, with one of us on call to help work through their blocks and teach overcoming ways of Christ/Yashua. (Breakfast and dinner included) for those that qualify for this ministry.)

Kelley, Pastors Deb Meyers-Kelley & Greg Kelley, The Potter's House, Non-denominational, Address: 4228 Pine Lane, Alexandria, VA 22312, Phone: (703) 941-0052, and, Website: Deb and Greg are a husband and wife team actively involved in spiritual warfare, intercessory prayer, casting out demonic spirits as Jesus did in the New Testament. They lay hands on those who are sick and call out infirmities.

The Potter's House is a church where both are pastors. This church is actively involved in spiritual warfare ready to go as the Lord leads without fear or shame. We are close to the DC and MD line. The church has a CD ministry where tapes are given away for free. These tapes are very helpful to those seeking deliverance.)


Bohart, Sally, Total Wholeness, PO Box 362, Liberty Lake, WA 99019, Phone: 509-209-7808,, (I'm a qualified RTF minister with Restoring

the Foundations. My team & I pray through Generational Curses, help turn the lies they have learned into God's truth for their lives. We lead them through a process of letting go of the pain, regrets, hurt and shame. With nothing left to hang onto, the demons leave easily and thoroughly. I also have training from Elijah House and Time Line ministry (life span integration). I was trained & ministered as a counselor with Good Samaritan Ministries in Beaverton, Oregon.)

Wynne, Minister D.A. Truth Seekers Church Thurston, Independent, Affiliated with TruthSeekers of Jesus Christ, a Minister's Fellowship, Meets at Super 8 Lacey, 112 College St SE, Lacey, WA 98503, Phone: 360-489-6603,,, (A haven for wounded pastors, ministers and

leaders seeking growth or a new vision. Through the first priority of prayer, the gifts of the Holy spirit are relied upon to provide deliverance, healing, prophecy and new direction for God's leaders.)


Archer, Rev. Dr. Richard, Richard Archer Ministries (RAM), 930 M. Street, NW WDC 20001, Contact (301) 386-9563, (A nondenominational healing and deliverance ministry devoted and dedicated to setting the captives free mentally, physically,

relationally, and naturally through the Word of God. RAM specializes in areas where many have failed; a place where God is glorified, the church be edified, and the enemy be terrified. RAM liberates and operates in miracles, signs and wonders

promoting physical, emotional and inner healing via the Word of God that can not,that shall not and will not fail. We are not afraid of the challenge.),Website:, When all else has failed give RAM a chance. "God always has a RAM in the bush!"


Akande, Rev. Dr. Grace, The Word of Life Christian Fellowship Center, 6805 W. Brown Deer Road, Milwaukee, WI 53223, Phone: 414-354-5796 or 414-5511767,, (We are a non-denominational with the healing school a place of hope and life

transformation. We teach the word of truth on healing and how people can be delivered and set free from bondages through the power of the Holy Spirit. Come and be set free. It is written, "if the Son set you free, you will be free indeed" John 8:36)

Kako, Pastors Rev. John & Rev. Dr. Pennie, Global Vision Center Ministries, Non-denominational, 4303 W Villard AV, Milwaukee, WI 53218, Phone: 414 462-3402, alternate number: 414 708-6857,,, (We are committed to preaching the Kingdom of God, divinely connecting all people to Christ, under the anointing of the power of the Holy Spirit. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we endeavor to empower, build, and restore the body of Christ, through anointed biblical teachings, evangelistic campaigns, healing and deliverance services.)


Reames, Pastor Deborah J., Independent, P.O. Box 891, Rawlins, WY 82301,    





Kalala, Rev. Joaquim Kangomba, Logos Deliverance Ministries, PO Box 16537, Luanda, Angola, Africa, Phone: 00244923668856, (Dealing with deliverance cases and spiritual warfare for more than 7 years. The Lord has particularly anointed us for demonically caused diseases and breaking the shackles of witchcraft through the teaching of the word of faith.)




Hobson, Rev. Peter, Full Salvation Fellowship Australia, [Independent - Branches in Kenya, Uganda, India, Pakistan, Ghana and Nigeria, ], PO Box 1020 Crows Nest, Sydney, NSW, 1585 Australia, Phone: 612 94363657,, Website: (4 terms of 9 weeks every year, ministering to 30 - 40 people - program - 14 publications in print worldwide.)



Sisti, Gustavo Braga, Assembly of God Sao Paulo, Av. Chicago, 100c-Cotia-SP -Brazil 06710-590, Phone: 5511-8212-7741,


Oliveira, Carlos Alberto, Ministerio Internacional De Libertacao Espiritual, Rua U 80 -

Qd 53 - Lt1 – Setor Uniao, Goiania, Goias, Brasil, Affiliation: Spiritual Freedom Int'l Ministry, San Jose, California, Phone: (62) 8441-7046, Email:ADHONEP@AOL.COM, Website:, (Maldicoes Ancestrals-Possessao

Demoniaca-Abuso ritualistico Satanico-bipolar omportamento Maniaco Depressivo - Ataques de Panico- Esquizofrenia - Paranoia -Transtorno Obsessivo - Depressao, desordens Compulsivas – anstornos Alimentares - Transtornos de Personalidade Multipla - Homossexualidade - Enfermidades - Varias outras Desordens, Doencas e Vicios.)




Boliong, Apostle Joseph, Ministry of the Living Christ (Ministerdu Christ Vivant), Non-denominational, Full Gospel, P.O. Box 20070, Yaounde-Rep. of Cameroon, Phone: (237) 99 87 86 08 /(237) 22 02 38 95, Email:  (Apostle Joseph Boliong is the General Overseer of the Ministry of the Living Christ. Along with the apostolic team of the church, he has been involved in spiritual warfare ministry for many years and has a special calling in deliverance.)


Nyanganji, Dzengong Rebecca, Soul Winners, affiliated to Emmanuel Baptist Church

Likomba, PO Box 152 Tilko S/W Region, Cameroon. Phone: 237 7593 3383, (I started feeling the need for deliverance when we go out for soul winning. We meet with cases that need deliverance and the distance to take the people to church or have the pastor come to the spot is difficult. I started reading books on deliverance and praying for the Holy Spirit to empower me and to help me not to be afraid to confront demons. I started to fast with some of my soul winners. Our pastor involved me in a deliverance case not knowing that I was praying for such an opportunity. From that day he always call me to join him when there is any case that needs deliverance. Finally I started doing deliverance in the absence of the pastor since the Holy Spirit is the one doing the deliverance. That is how I have

added deliverance to Soul Winning.)


Elie, Poupo, Intercessory Prayer & Deliverance Network Cameroon, affiliation: Pentecostal Fellowship Du Benin-PE.Feb, Address: EtoaMeki, BP 726 Yaounde, Cameroun, Phone:+23774053918,, construction). (I have been working very hard to groom an army of deliverance facilitators for the past 34 years of my life in active deliverance ministry. It all started with my own very self. Immediately I first heard the gospel of salvation in the name of Jesus Christ on Jan 8, 1973 and surrendered my life to Him in  Bagam-Galim, my hometown of Western Province, Cameroon. As being led to pray deliverance prayer, I could feel and hear demons shouting and coming out of my body, threatening in words that they would come back to deal terribly with me. But First John 4:4 became the sword by which I stood against them. The blood of Jesus was constantly in view as the only means for sin cleansing. Many are my deliverance testimonies. Presently and now deliverance remains manifest throughout my ministry. I am so glad that young folks are following after me. I am grateful to God Almighty. Shalom!)


Fredrick, Pastor Suh, Operation Fire for Fire, Bambili-Bamenda-North-West Region, Cameroon, Phones: 00237 77 78 05 81 / 00237 96 15 25 98 / 00237 33 11 48 08,, (I have been in healing and deliverance ministry of Jesus Christ, organizing crusades, healing services and midnight prayer sessions in Cameroon with excellent results in the name of Jesus Christ. I have also written a book titled "Power in Prayer by Midnight" and this book is changing lives across Cameroon and presently I am writing another book titled "The Divine Touch of the Holy Spirit." I also pray for people over the phone and these people receive their miracle in Jesus' name. So I tell you my friends that distance is not and will never be a barrier to prayers. May theGod

who heals [Jehovah Rapha], give your miracle now in Jesus' mighty name! Amen)


Nde, Rev. Nkimbeng Martin, Zion Assembly Center, PO Box 155, Bamenda, NW Province,Cameroon, (affiliated with Church of God of Prophecy Cameroon), Phone: (+237) 7791-3815,, (We are a prayer/evangelistic ministry that meets to evangelize, pray andset captives free. Thousands have received their healings and salvation and today have great testimonies. On January 2008, we are starting a school of healing where people will be taught how to conduct deliverance. The harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few.)


Jozef Jasinski – Promised Land Ministries (Edmonton-Alberta) Website: 

Delahunty, Rev. Tony, Kingdom Ministries, affiliated with Canadian Evangelical Churches (CECC), Box 30001 250 Greenbank Rd., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K2H 8X0, Phone: 613-324-4170, Email:, (Bringing Deliverance and Healing to the Body of Christ through Personal Prayer Ministry and Equipping the Body of Christ to do the same through teaching and training in the Word of God, the Actions of Jesus Christ and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit.)


Dodjro, Rev. Joseph Afondonko, Greater Works Evangelistic Ministries International, Independent, 231 Pinemont Road N.E. Calgary, AB T1Y 2RA Canada, Tel. 403-695-6774, Website:, (Deliverance workshops, prayer summit, prophetic intercession, deliverance counseling, total restoration, spiritual warfare prayers, prayer seminars, leadership seminars, special ministry for women in ministry. Our Saturday warfare prayer workshops are titled: "He sets the captives free")

Gaiters, Bishop Larry, End Time Age Deliverance Ministries Worldwide, Inc., 10.Canmotor Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M8Z 4E5, Office: 1-866-285-3746 or 416-201-5467, Website:,,

(The Global Ministry of ETA Ministries Worldwide, Inc is one of the fastest growing deliverance ministries today. Apostolically and spiritually covering 2,000 churches in (12) countries around the world. Anyone needing total deliverance can call the Global Call Center of ETA 24/7 and receive the help they need - "Regardless of race, creed, color, national origin or religious background".)


Gamble, Rev. Roger, Masters Touch Ministries International, Under the covering of The Fellowship Christian Assemblies in Canada, Box 1184, North Battleford, Saskatchewan, CA S9A-3K2,,, (We are determined to demonstrate that our lives are now all about Him and no longer about ourselves. Our face is set into the wind knowing that the winds of adversity can cause us to soar high into His very presence. Our road is exciting and our future is secure in God's hands. Our mission is clear, our mandate is from heaven. Our goal is to be His messengers of compassion, Ambassadors of His Kingdom. We will be faithful representatives of the Father's heart.)


Hennig, Jerry, DASYD Ministry, (Do As Yeshua Did), I live on an acreage out in the country (near a town called Wabamun) about 35 miles west of Edmonton, In Alberta, Canada. Phone number: (780)892-0184,, Website: (I have been used to help people get delivered since 1997. I got delivered at that time and then offered myself to help others. I have dealt with a lot of MPD patients and have extensive experience with anything and everything you can think of in regards to witchcraft, the occult, covens, etc. Because of my deliverance experiences, I found it absolutely necessary to learn about dealing with MPD/DID. I have therefore kind of specialized in working with MPD, helping the alters get set free and integrated. I am usually able to help a serious candidate in only a few sessions. Putting it briefly, I just want to help others get set free.)


Leroux, Jacques & Jo-Anne, Directors, Still Life Retreat, non-denominational, [affiliated with Living Water Church in Burleson, Texas], Address: 394591 Concession 2, R.R. 1, Durham, Ontario, Phone: 519-369-3663, (Still Life Retreat is a Christian healing ministry which seeks to advance our Lord's ministry of healing and deliverance through prayer, teaching, council and most importantly the love of Christ made manifest.)


McGraw, Rev. Ray, Ray of Hope Ministries Ltd.,Independent, 25 Seventh St. Moncton N.B. Canada E1E 3G2, Phone: 506-388-HOPE (4673),,, (Pastor Ray has over 30 years of experience in training individuals to become disciples of Christ, teaching them how to cast out devils and heal the sick. Jesus cast them out in a few minutes with little manifestation and so do we.)


Mclaughlin, Pastor Jermaine,World Deliverance Ministries Inc., 3615 Weston Rd, Unit 9, Toronto, Ontario M9L1V8, Phone: 416-742-4621,, (To Save the Lost at Any Cost)


McLaughlin, Barry, Freedom Deliverance Ministry, Non-denominational, R.R. 1, Prescott, Ontario, Canada KOE-1TO,,, (We are a ministry active in deliverance and in teaching deliverance. We have many writings/teachings and prayers on our site to help a person gain deliverance and to know who they are in Christ.)

Rocha, Pastor Larry, Jesus, Blessed Redeemer Church (JBRC), Accredited by Evangelical Association, 5 Willowfields Mews, Scarborough, Ontario M1R 5R9 Canada, Phone: 416-444-4260,,, (Our Lord Jesus Christ called me into the Prophecy, Healing & deliverance (PHD) ministry since April 2006. Since then, the Holy Spirit has been teaching us not only the surgical procedure in Healing and Deliverance, but also to train the delivered person in maintaining his deliverance and be a mighty warrior in God's kingdom. It is also our mandate to share to other Christians what the Holy Spirit taught us, so, we are constantly training Christians (by batches, even other churches) this amazing and exciting ministry.)



Cobb, Stephen, Worldwide Island Ministries, Independent, San Salvador, El Salvador,, (We are in the deliverance/teaching ministry in El Salvador. We are starting universities throughout El Salvador to train others to begin to act upon God's word.)




Climate, Bishop, Bishop Climate Ministries (WCCC), 2nd floor Chateleine House, 186 Walworth Road, London SE17 1JJ. Phone: 0845 6123522/ 44 784116 100, Email:, Website: (Through Christ Jesus we are in the ministry of saving, deliverance, preserving and improving human life.)

Deya, Gilbert, Gilbert Deya Ministries, 459-563 New Cross Rd., New Cross, London, SE146TA, Phone: 0208-694-9694,,


Edehomon, Pastor Stephen Julius & Pastor (Mrs.) O.A.,The Holy of Holies and Miracle Ministries Intl., 8a Harleyford Street, London SE11 5NS United Kingdom, London,, (LIFE IS WARFARE, ONLY THE SERIOUS MINDED ARE VICTORIOUS IN JESUS NAME. The Lord has Anointed me and commissioned me through the power of the Holy Spirit to set the captives free, heal the broken hearted and bring restoration to them in Jesus name. To receive all of god's blessings and restoration of your lost virtues call or dial the following prayerlines: +447985242800 & +447904229369 The Holy of Holies and Miracles Ministries International, United Kingdom, London SE11 4NS-Pastor Stephen Julius & Pastor (Mrs.) Patricia O.A. Edehomon).


Gloria, Bishop, Power Gospel Assembly London, London Hilton Hotel, Phones: +447731641757, +447946794665,, Websites:,, (Deliverance from all kinds of captivity in the forms of cancer, AIDS, hypertension, Barreness, strokes and the lame walk. )


Manfort, Rev. Akomeah, Save Evangelical Church, 72 King George Avenue, Custom House, London,E16 3HP,, Telephone: 00442085912313 / 7949116788, (We are involved in healing, deliverance, spiritual warfare teachings, baptism in the Holy Spirit, evangelism, missions, and pastoral training.)

Muiruri, Rev. Dr. Joyce, Evangelical Christian Church International (ECCI), 45 Lea Close, Reading, Berkshire, RG30 3NB, United Kingdom, Telephone: +447787825092, Email:, Website:www.ecci. (This ministry is involved in Christian deliverance ministry where we believe in the Word of God as our basis for deliverance. We shall know the truth and the truth will set you free. In deliverance we use Christian biblical principles that enable God to bring freedom from bondage,oppression, hardship, or domination by evil. We hold deliverance sessions to groups, individuals, families. We also conduct deliverance seminars.)


Obed, Rev. Dr. Goddy, Tower of Refuge Deliverance Ministry, Church, Phone: 020 7263 6111,, (Tower of Refuge Deliverance Ministry is a Pentecostal Christian church blessed with anointed men of God who are being used by the Lord to deliver souls from bondage, generational curses, witchcraft attacks and all manner of other afflictions.)


Verhoog, Joost, Ellel Ministries, Independent, Bay Horse, Lancaster, Lancashire, LA2 0HN, UK, Phone: +44 (0) 1524 751651,, Website:, (Based on Luke 9:11, we welcome the people, teach about the kingdom of God and heal those in need. The main aim is to enable people to walk in their God-given destiny. Blockages in this process are removed through the healing and deliverance ministry.)



Asamoah, Apostle Paul Johnson, Power Life Prophetic Ministries,Box 55, James Town Accra, Ghana, West Africa, Phone: +233-244657468,,, (Have been in Deliverance Ministry since 1994 on and off in Dunkwa in Central Region in Ghana. Many souls have been delivered through spiritual warfare. We sometimes take them through a lesson or a session, training them for some time and flow with them into deliverance. Colossians 1:13)


Feyi, Bishop Sitsofe, Bethel Deliverance Mission International, Pentecostal, Apostolic, P.O. Box MA189, Ho.Volta Region, Ghana, West Africa, Phone number: 00233 0244 078600, (We are a Christian congregation in Ghana. At Bethel Ghana, you can see miracles wrought through the power of the mighty name of Jesus. We are a true deliverance mission. Demons are cast out daily. We are a great congregation, nationwide , and need international partnership and affiliations.)


Ofori, Bishop David, Prayer and Praise Ministries, PO Box DS 577, Dansoman, Accra, Ghana,, Phone: 0023321312109, 00233243768404, [This ministry reaches the world with the love of Christ through Evangelism, Missions, Church Planting, Leadership Training, Deliverance Centers and seeks to establish schools and hospitals.]




Amulraj, Bro. A. Arokia, Jesus Heals Mission Trust, Independent, PO Box No: 4607, Podanur, Coimbatore-641023, Tamilnadu, South India, Phone number: 009843655533, 009843655544,,, (We are doing healing and deliverance ministry in India.)


Aseervadam, Senior Pastor K.,Bethel Ministries of India, Independent, #36, Block.No:3, 9th Cross Street, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai-600 030. South India, Phone: (0) 98402 29954 / 988466 3604,, (We have doing this ministry for the past 25 years. Our main motive is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached people. The Spirit of God ismoving in our ministry. People are receiving the deliverance from the bondage of demonic powers. We give all the glory to Jesus. We are doing social service to uplift the slum people by helping them in various aspects.)


Benton, Rev. Dr. John, Jesus Saves Ministries, Independent, PO Box 24, Railway Station Road, Tanuku 534211, Andhra Pradesh, India,, Phone: 0091-8819-223681


Bethel, Rev. Babachen, Gospel Witness For India, P.O. Box 821, Park Ridge, IL 60068, USA,,, (Reaching the most unreached Indians in India and the Indians living world-wide with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a ministry of deliverance to the people in India. Our native missionaries present the gospel and bring the people who are oppressed.We help them and encourage them, visit them and lead them. There are a lot of people who are oppressed under satanic power are brought to the saving knowledge of Christ and got deliverance.)


Correya, Christopher, Power Ministries (India), A/3, Kingston Manor, Kingston Road, Richmond Town, Bangalore 560025, India, Phone: 91 080 41237430, Email:, Website: (We are a group of lay Catholic evangelists in India. We have been involved in the healing and deliverance ministry for the past 10 years. We also conduct retreats. )


Devasubavam, Pastor M. Jacob, Revival Blessing Ministries, 2B, Kamaraj Street, S.V. Naar, Pudur, Ambattur, Chennai-600 053 India, Phone: 919444728393, Email:, (Working to deliver and heal people from addictions, spiritual bondages and emotional problems.)


Jacob, Rev. N., Church of the Living God Ministries, Independent, Pentecostal, P B #6, Gannavaram-521101, Andhra Pradesh, India, Phone: 0091 8676 253869,, (Church of the Living God Ministries was established in 1990, by the vision of God, passion for souls, and to equip the saints in the fullness of God, to lead them to the truth. It is our desire to see believers empowered by the Holy Spirit and provide deliverance spiritually, physically, financially and mentally. We preach the gospel and seek to make as many disciples to Christ as we can. We plant churches in the rural areas, and take care of widows and orphans.)


Karunanithy, Pastor E. Samuel, Bethel Faith Ministries, Independent, 61/1, Seeyalam 1st Street,Villivakkam, Chennai, India, 600049, Phones: 9884234767, 9962450090., (The Holy spirit delivers all types of people in bondages through this ministry. We guide these people in to the power of the Almighty God and continue to endeavor for the Glory of Our Almighty God. Praise the Lord.)

 kherjee, Evangelist Kunal, Eliezer Ministries, affiliated with Southern India Assemblies of God, Andhra Pradesh District, 405, Jayalaxmi Apartments, Jayanagar, New Bowenpally Secunderabd-500 011 Andhra Pradesh, India, Phone: +0091-040-6528 1723, Email:, Website:, (We are a full-gospel non-denominational spirit-filled power ministry with passion to win souls for the kingdom of God. We preach the gospel as a mandate of the Great Commission with the power of the Holy Spirit. We are available for the work of the Lord anywhere and everywhere as the Lord leads. We also invite ministries and the servants of the Lord with similar vision to work together in our country.)


Periyasamy, Rev. John, Founder & Senior pastor of Blessing Assembly of God Church, 241, 5th Main, II Block, II Floor, Kammanahalli, St. Thomas Town post, Bangalore-560 084 India, Phone:+91 80 41683315, Mobile: 09980622403, (We are counseling and conducting deliverance meetings on every Friday between 6 to 8 pm and we also equip the saints for deliverance ministry on a regular basis. You are most welcome to be a part of this deliverance ministry.)


Prabhaharan, Rev. Paul G., Royal Anointing Ministries, Independent, No. 115, 2nd Street, Anna Nagar, Varnapuram, Bhavani, Erode Dist, South India. PIN: 638 301, Phone: 0091-4256230963/9942336491, (The very beginning of my family's Christian experience is through God's healing of me from Polio attack at my 3rd year through the ministry of Prophet and the Apostle of love, Dr. DGS Dhinakaran. I preach and teach wherever I'm invited, after serving as pastor for nearly 16 yrs. While I teach the Word, I see people delivered from bondages of sin and Satan. Though the Lord gave me the gifts of the Holy Spirit, I was not careful to utilize those gifts.But in recent times, I've been convicted by the Lord to concentrate in that field.)


Prabhu, Rev. J. John, Nations' Trumpet Ministries, Independent, Plot #11-14, Sriram Nagar, Kattur-PO., Trichy-620019, Tamilnadu, India. Phone: 9345682944 / 9790077173,, (The Nations' Trumpet Ministries in one of the fastest growing deliverance ministries today. Any tamilians needing total deliverance can call the Prayer Center 24/7 and receive the help they need)


Praveen, Dr.,Jesus Slave Ministry, No 371, Panneer Nagar, Mugappair, Chennai-37, South India, Phone: 9840614007, Email:

Rao, Rev., Faith Ministries, Independent, 21-338-C, Bhaskarapuram Post, Machilipatnam-521001, Andhra Pradesh, India, Phone: (0091)-8672-222672, 8672-221729, 8672-231404, Fax: 8672-231405,,, (This ministry is aiming at reaching the un-reached people. Its core mission also comprises of concern for orphaned, widows, old age and destitute children. This ministry was officially formed in 1986; Faith Action for CommunityTransformation (FACT) is a faith-based, non-profit, missionary service organization reaching 100 of the most un-reached villages and people groups in Andhra Pradesh in India.)


Ravichandran, Rev. T. John, Hallelujah Village Church Trust, Independent, 68 Natesa Mudaliyar Street, Sainathapuram Vellore 632001Vellore Dist. Tamil Nadu, India, Phone: +91 9842891578,, (HVCT is working in rural and slum areas of Vellore and Arni Dist Tamil Nadu, India. )


Sagayaraj, Victor, Independent, 3/12, SMS Jasmine Nagar, Sulur, Coimbatgore 641402, India, Phone: 91-09363244568,, (Involved in teaching the Word of God with the commitment of presenting the whole counsel of God which brings deliverance to people.)


Sekhar, Pastor P. Raja, Jesus Cares Interior Ministries, P.O. Box-39,Visakhapatnam-530001, Andhra Pradesh, India,, (God has been doing wonderful miracles and signs in my deliverance ministry since 20 years I have been proclaiming the gospel to the un-reached jungle and tribal people who are in darkness. Many are getting healed from sickness and diseases.)


Singh, Rev. David, Balance of Truth Fellowship, 4-K-18 Janta Colony, Vaishali Nagar, Ajmer, INDIA, Phone: 91145-2623129, (God has chosen me when I was 10 years old and doing ministry during the last 25 years. God has healed many sick people and did deliverance ministry through me in many places of India. In Ajmer where I am living in a place called Jadugar which means residence of Witch doctors and one cast called Kohlee is involved in all kinds of Satanic works. God has used me to deliver many young people from the bondage of Satan and daily God is bringing new people into the kingdom of God. Every day I am spending time in prayer for people and doing prayer tower ministry.)


Varughsee, Pastor John, Ascension Ministries, Independent, PLOT.NO.68, Arul Colony, ECIL Post, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India-500062, Phone: +91-98493-70655, Email,website: (A full gospel ministry involved in church planting, missionary training, widow ministry, orphanage, (Planning and hosting deliverance revival meetings, crusades, seminars, and distribution of literature and bibles. They also care and support needy orphans and work with pastors serving in rural areas of their nation.)




Chesoli, Bishop David B., Jesus Power Center International, Independent, Box 982, Mois bridge, 30202 Kenya, East Africa, Phones: +254 724 451 280, +254 752 771 628 or +254 736 482 419,, (I began pastoring in 1993 but God started using me in healing and deliverance in the year 2000).


Kagwetha, Pastor Amos, Nairobi Christian Outreach Center, Church, P.O. Box 11228-00400, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa, Phone: +254 733 876 114/ 722 506 973, Email:,, (Nairobi Christian Outreach Center is a Spirit led evangelistic Bible based church. We believe in the Bible as the inspired Word of God and are dedicated to reach the world with the gospel and to make ready a people prepared for God in anticipation for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The church is situated in the Kibera slums of Nairobi-Kenya. Kibera is well known to be the second largest slum in sub-Saharan Africa. We conduct conferences, crusades and seminars.)


Ligami, Rev.Joash, Cyrus Covenant Ministries, Independent, P.O. Box 2743, Kakamega-50100, Kenya, East Africa, Email:


Odhiambo, Evangelist Maurice,Manna Ministries, Non-Denominational, P.O. Box 15910-00100 GPO, Nairobi, Kenya Phone: 254-721-217-055 or 254-720-998-846,, (Planning and hosting deliverance revival meetings, crusades, seminars, and distribution of literature and bibles. They also care and support needy orphans and work with pastors serving in rural areas of their nat




Lee, Christian, JSEM, English-speaking Church Ministry of Jeil Sungdo Presbyterian Church, 98-344 Shillim 2-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Korea, Phone: +82-10-2256-0900,,[This is an English ministry located in Seoul, Korea. We are a young deliverance team that God has been raising up to set people free from demonic bondage. We seek a balanced approach to deliverance through inner healing, repentance, anddepending on the power/guidance of the Holy Spirit.]





Thompson, Pastor T. Wettie, Transformation Gospel Missions, Independent, Old Plankfield-Sawmill Road Freeport of Monrovia, Liberia, Phones: +2315780780, +2315660149, +231 76 74 6474, (We are based in one of the slums/ghettoes of Monrovia. We are a ministry for the destitute. We cater to drug addicts, hardened criminals and prostitutes in addition to those whose possession might not be easily observed. African cultures and traditions are at most times intermingled with demonic practices; the participants are often ignorant of their repercussions. Ex.20:5 has been called into play without the ramifications being forecasted. At our ministry, we believe that for one to be totally delivered, prayers have to be backed by the emancipation of the mind through counseling and the Word of God. Our charges are free, even our diagnostic forms.




Poudel, Rev. Chandra, Thimi Church, Apostolic Church Nepal, in front of SAARC Tuberculosis Center, Shankhadhor Chowck, New Thimi, Madhyaput Thimi, Baktapur, Nepal. Phone: 00977-1-2050691,, (Thimi Church is Trinitarian Apostolic Church Ministries which strongly believe in healing and deliverance. We frequently conduct healing and deliverance meetings in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal.)


Rai, Reuben, Reuben Rai Ministries, Non-denominational, GPO 8975 EPC 2030, Kathmandu, Nepal, Phone: 977+98510 12105,, Website: (We are preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, delivering people from being oppressed and obsessed by the devil from the top of the mountain to all the plain in the south and to all the way around in Nepal. We have seen many people experience the deliverance power of the Holy Ghost in their lives and eventually resulting in their salvation.)


Jansen, Anne van Riemsdijk, The Right Branch Ministry, Independent, Limburgsgebied, Limburg, NL, Phone: +31 6 20010862, Email:, Website: (I deal especially with healing and deliverance of people involved in the occult. My reach is worldwide, but also local.)


Penders, Pastor Nick, International Full Gospel Church Netherlands, Jalan Duta Raya No. 17A -Jakarta Barat 11510, Phone: 21-56940337, Mobile: 816-888-307,, Website: (We've been moving in the deliverance ministry for more than 12 years. We know that Jesus Christ comes to give life abundantly and He has freed us, so we can bring other people into His freedom.)  


Bill Subritzky, Dove Ministries: Website: www/






Adebowale, Evangelist Metiko Edward, Gospel Of Christ To All Nations (GOCTAN), Independent, and Inter-denominational, Suite 302, His Glory Plaza, off Adetokunbo Ademola Cresent, wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria, Phones: +234-8030704916, +234-8050292732, Emails:,, (I have been actively involved in the ministry of deliverance for a couple of years and this has taken me to different places like churches, Christian fellowships and organizations. I hold crusades where people are being ministered to and the power of God sets them free. I have written a deliverance book titled, "Operations in the Holy ghost Theatre" which God is using to set the captives free across the world.)


Adebowale, Rev. Segun, Grace and Mercy Ministry, Inc., (Arm of Grace and Mercy Church), Address: Old Airport bus stop, PO Box 21470, Ibadan, Nigeria, Phone:2348055933645,  U.S. Addresses: 182 Northwind Drive, Storkbridge, Georgia 30182, Phone: 4047891464, 6604 N.W. 134th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73142-5909, Phone: 7706667875, Email:, Website:, (Profile: International prophetic evangelist, involved in city and personal deliverance since 1992, director of the School of Fire and School of Prophet of the Grace and Mercy Ministry. author of 'Witchcraft in the Church' and 'Manifestation of the Anointing.' [You can order online at ] Weekly Deliverance teaching, counseling and prayer every Sunday at 11 am in the church, but you must attend the service 8:30 am to 10:30 am)


Adepoju, Rev'd Chris, Gospel Christian Church, Independent, 21 Adinlewa Street, P.O. Box 1389,Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, Phone: +234-8036698926, Email: (Rev'dAdepoju is called and ordained by God to preach the gospel, heal the sick and deliver the oppressed. Having been in captivity to the Ogboni (cult) fraternity for 5 years, by His grace has received mercy from the Lord to set free all those in captivity from all over the world and bring souls to the Lord Jesus Christ.)


Agbontaen, Pastor Friday, Gospel Information Ministries, Sword of Ministries, 16 Ojo Street off College Rd Aduwawa, Benin City, Edo State, 234, Nigeria, Phone: 234-805-5539563,


Akindor, Apostle O.B., Global Deliverance Ministries Intl. Inc., Independent, PO Box 229,Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria, Phone: 234-8057404005, 8036642988, 8065332254,,, (This ministry is generally committed to issues relating to spiritual warfare, breaking of family soul ties, breaking of cures, breaking of married cures, deliverance from bondage, liberation of land and community, deliverance from the occult apologetic, deliverance from oppression spirits, deliverance from witchcraft and restoration of hope. I have been in this ministry for the past 15 years. If you are seeking spiritual help you are free to call me by phone or email. We do not charge for services.)

Ayansola, Pastor J.O.,Full Restoration Covenant Bible Church, 4, Aderupoko Junction, off Abegunde Street, Odo-ona Elewe road, Orita-Challenge, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, PO Box 18420, Dugbe, Ibadan, Phones: +234 - 8023504486, +234 - 8078274829, Emails:,, (We have been in deliverance ministry in the past 12 years. The mandate given to the set man of the ministry is to help mankind, to raise them from their pitiable condition from satanic manipulations which could make the Christian life a frustrating and unproductive even after salvation and faith in Christ. We know that the success and failure in life and the final fate of man depend basically on the condition of the soul. This servant of God has been commissioned to save mankind from the soul traders, redeem those already sold and restore them to the original plan of God through His Son Jesus Christ. We are aware that as we move on in these end times, demonic activities will escalate as the devil will mobilize his war arsenals against professing Christians in order to frustrate or delay the early return of our Lord Jesus Christ. But this we shall do "we will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the word." Acts 6:8)


Chidi, Rev. Uzoma, President of Miracle Of God Prophetic and Deliverance Ministries, PO Box 3200, University of Nigeria Post Office, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria. , Telephone: 234-803-0901355, Email: Rev. Chidi is also the Nigerian Superintendent of New Jerusalem Universal Church. He was ordained by  Bishop Haskel Swain, the international president of New Jerusalem Universal Church Inc., PO Box 757, Marietta, OH 45750, USA. , Telephone: 740-865-2973. (Rev. Chidi holds a Bachelor of Science Degree - B.Sc (Hons) in Mathematics/Statistics from University of Calabar, Nigeria, Discharged Certificate for National Service, Diploma in Theology, Certificate of Completion for Christian Leadership from Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Certificate of Completion for School of Ministry from Morris Cerullo World Outreach. All these certificates will be produced on demand. Great are the miracles the Lord has wrought through the ministry. The blind sees, the lame walks, the deaf hears and the dumb speaks. Thousands have been saved from sin and delivered from satanic activities. Having been called into deliverance and evangelistic ministry, Rev. Chidi has taken the ministry of deliverance to remote and dangerous communities, confronting ancient deities and shrines; thereby bringing freedom to the inhabitants. Having been called into full-time ministry of Jesus Christ for the last days, he has a burning desire to be part of God's champion generation. He has an insatiable appetite for God's presence and glory and is committed to the spreading of the total gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, worldwide. He has taken the word of God to the Philippines, East Asia, Johannesburg, South Africa, Ghana and Togo (West Africa).


David, Apostle Dr. Felix A.,Christ Revival Ministries,P.O. Box 216, Jesus-Way, Ikekogbe, Eguare-Ekpoma, Edo-State, Nigeria, Phone: +234 805 671 8232,, (As a Deliverance Spituotherapist Counsellor, I flow in deliverance/spiritual warfare via the Word of God and His anointing. I offer services of land, family and company deliverances respectivily, spiritual product dedication/marketing for individuals/companies, spiritual consultancy to persons/organisations. Family/organizations dedication/rededications and many other spiritual services; market/business spiritual fortifications. I am the Director of Defense College of Deliverance Warfare (DCDW) and Church Human ResourceDevelopment Initiative (CHRDI). He is the General overseer of the above church. He holds the following certificates: Th.D,,, Post Graduate Diploma in Church Leadership studies, Associate degree in Theology, Diploma in Deliverance Ministry, Certificate in Church Conflict Management/Resolution/Transformation, Diploma in Spiriutuotherapy and Pschothelogy. A graduate in computer data processing/systems analysis. He has been pastoring for 8 years full time.)


Edehomo, Pastor Jacob & Evang. Prophetess Ofure Jayamma, Divine Light Mission Int'l (DLMI) (Favor Chapel) Independent, Philip Obhakhan Street, off Alli Street, Emaudo, P.O. Box 1055, Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria, Phone: +234-80-37442677, Email: or or, Website: under construction. (I and my wife are called and commissioned by God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, to minister His deliverance and preach salvation to the agonizing people in every society and nations of the World - Luke 4:18. Since we obeyed Him there have been lots of testimonies from around the World. Jesus came to destroy the works of Satan that you may totally be free. Contact us by phone or email for deliverance.)


Emmanuel, Evangelist Charles, End-Time Revival Outreach Ministry, Church ministry, 7 Erhunmse Street, Urora, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Phone: 234-8055949505, 234-8136430299, Email:, (I started as an Assistant House Leader in Deeper Life Christian Ministry in 1993 at Onitsha, Nigeria. Thereafter, I joined (Christian Pentecostal Mission (CPM), Onitsha - 1994. I was a prayer warrior then. I proceeded to Evangelical Bible Church in late 1994 where I functioned as Sunday School Superintendent and Bible Study teacher. I was also the National Youth Leader, National Deliverance Coordinator as well as National Evangelist. I was there for 10 years until God Commissioned Endtime Revival Outreach Ministry as General Overseer in 2003. In this Ministry, we are into Deliverance by the Word and Holy Ghost Dynamism (Anointing of the Holy Spirit). By the Grace of God, God has used me to deliver the oppressed, family deliverance, Community Deliverance, etc. Again, we have special grace to minister to those believing God for fruit of the womb, healing for the sick, delay in marriage, soul ties, breaking the yoke of poverty, those possessed with spirit, breaking satanic covenants through the knowledge of his Word and anointing etc.)

Emeson, Pastor Austin D., Founder, Liberation For All Nations, Inc., PO Box 399, Area 1 Garki, Abuja, Nigeria, Phone:+234-8036322836 or +234 8026735186,, Website: (Liberation International Outreach Ministries [a.k.a. Liberation For All Nations] is a Christian non-denominational ministry that has been ordained by God to be His voice in this end time. This ministry is the evangelistic ministry of Apostle Austin D. Emeson. With a very strong operational base in Nigeria, Togo, Kenya and in the Asian countries, our ministry is entirely dedicated to reaching the entire world with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to deliver the oppressed. Our major tools have been the organizing of revival meetings, crusades, prayer conferences and seminars, the publishing of books and other related materials for the sole purpose of touching the lives of men with the gospel.)


Fadare, Bro Kehinde Olandayo, The Glory of God Christian International Outreach Ministry, affiliation: World Christian Ministers Association - USA, 12 Olaoluwa Street, off Dopemu Road, Agege, Lagos-State, Nigeria, Phone: +2348034169682, +234017664864,, (Dealing with deliverance cases and spiritual warfare for more than 5 years. The Lord has particularly anointed us for demonically caused diseases and breaking the shackles of witchcraft through the teaching of the word of faith.)


Isaac, Pastor Steve, Christian Pentecostal Mission, 40 Agunbiade Street, Kirikiri Town, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone: 234-8062745019, Email:, Born again, sanctified and baptized in the Holy Ghost in Deeper Life Bible Church, Lagos, Nigeria in 1988. As a worker in the church, I was the head of the prayer warriors and a zonal leader until 2002 when I left after my Bible School training. I am right now one of the deliverance ministers at CPM, Kirikiri bringing, by His Grace, deliverances to the captives as God is ever faithful.)


Jones, Ade, Deeper Life Bible Church, Lagos, Nigeria, Phone: 01-2660923,


Jones, Ereromebe, Plot 234, Jumoke Apara Str, Gbagada Estate, Lagos


Kolade, Rev. Dela, Global Deliverance Team (GLODET) Center For Mission and Spiritual Warfare, P.O. Box 319, Oyo Town, Nigeria, Tel: 2348059426557, 2348038565127, Email:, Website:, (The ministry is generally committed to issues relating to spiritual warfare and mission. Our aim is to equip the people of God for spiritual warfare and also to sensitize, mobilize, and motivate the body of Christ towards holistic ministry areas: ( Deliverance Center, Resource and Research base networking, Deliverance and Counseling clinic, Prophetic programs and Operation Philip mission project which are all detailed on website.)


Kpebi, Rev. James Igho, Ark of Dominion Ministries International Inc., Independent, Address: Ark of Dominion Cathedral by Avia-Maria School Nyayan, Abuja FCT Nigeria, West Africa, Phone: 234-8037006700, 234-8050318992, Email:, (The God-inspired vision for our Ministry was given to me in 1999 while I was working in a Newspaper House in Lagos State Nigeria, Africa. The Lord told me to stop my job and work for Him although I was initially disobedient. But after a series of battles I had no choice but to start working for Him after various encounters. The Lord has used me to win souls and affect lots of lives, especially the sick, the poor and the barren. The testimonies are endless to the glory of God Almighty. There are lots of videotapes, other audio-visuals, photographs and magazines documenting some of the great works that God has done through us.)


Lawal, Bishop Peter, Dynamic Christian Assembly, Independent, #2 Ehiemua Str, P.O. Box 1046,Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria. Phone: 2348035075852, Email address:, Website: (We believe in healing and deliverance which is based on biblical teaching and doctrines. We have covered many areas in Nigeria and some countries in West Africa.)

Matthew, Apostle Peter, Etaministries Canada, Lagos, Nigeria, Email: (We intercede and motivate intercession wherever we are invited to churches and ministries. Send your invitation for church planting and prayer revival in church and ministries. Also, you can send prayer requests, as our intercessors are waiting to intercede until you receive your miracle. We run a monthly programme called Liberty Night, where the sick are healed, the oppressed are delivered and sinners are saved.)


Mohie, Jr., Evangelist Ebenezer, Ebenezer Mohie Evangelistic Ministry, Touch of God Bible Church, 53 Titilayo St, PPL Bus/Stop, Okoko, Lagos, Phone: 08038920118, Email:, Website:, (We minister deliverance by fasting and praying for the demonically oppressed.)


Nomo, Pastor I., Christ Joy Ministries Worldwide, Independent, No 6 Mojeed Street Ijegun (Ologon inside) By Ikotun-egbe, Lagos, Nigeria, Phone: 2348037148695, 23427622749, (I can be reached in French or English. I am pastor Nomo. The Lord called me and gave me a specific assignment: Acts 10:38 How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him. I will examine each case and send appropriate prayers as GOD will direct through His Spirit.)


Ohakah, Rev. Henry, Henry Ohakah Gospel Crusades, Methodist, PO Box 336, Umuahia.Abia 440001, Nigeria, Phone: +234-805-2102526, Email:,


Ohakwe, Pastor Steve R.,Word of Faith Assembly, 84 Temidire St., Ololdi Apapa, Lagos, Tel:2348033945529, 2348023184944, (Focusing on healing and deliverance)


Olushola, Prophet Elijah, Jesus Clinic Ministries, (A.K.A. Shinning Star), 54, Shasha Road, Egbeda, Akowonjo Jimoh bus stop, Shasha Lagos, Nigeria, Mobile Phone: +234-802-3661368,, Website:, (We have an emphasis on the miracles of Jesus Christ, deliverance, healing and His supernatural provision. God always testifies to His Word with signs and wonders.)


*Oluwadele, Bishop Tom O., Tom Oluwadele World Outreaches (TOWO) Address: Plot No. 13 Aloba Layout, after Tunji & Tunji Petrol Station, P.O. Box 2113, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria, Office: Fountain of Life Nursery & Primary School, beside Koseunti Prayer Ground, Adinlewa Street, (opposite Oyemekun Grammar School) Akure, Phone: +2348060991065,, Websites:, and, (Bishop & Rev. Mrs. Oluwadele teach and minister supernaturally to this generation. They plant churches and accept invitations to minister in conferences all over the world. They have the anointing to heal the sick and deliver the oppressed and possessed. They send out free, powerful, dedicated prayer cloths for miracles to those who get in touch with them. The ministry is trusting God to send them teachers and deliverance ministers from all over the world. The Lord's calling on the Oluwadeles is to put Christ's presence in 30 African nations. Mr David Hengstler in California is their reference. His e-mail is Phone: 760-449-115)

Onwuaka, Pastors Emeka & Mrs. Evidence, Demonstration Ministries Worldwide, Inc., 28

Omotayo Ojo Street, Ikeja-Lagos, Nigeria, Phone: 2348023125579, Email:, Website:,(Confirming the Word of God through signs and wonders. Making victors out of victims and empowering them unto greatness. Purely into deliverance and prayer.)


Osazuwa, Pastor Abraham, Kingdom People Ministeries, Church Ministry, 4 Ayinde Faloye Close, Lighter Terminal, Phase 2, Kirikiri, Lagos, Nigeria, Phone: 234-8033271557, Email: (I was an Assistant Pastor of the Latter Rain Revival Mission, Lagos, Nigeria from June 2003 to November 2006. Thereafter, pastored the Church from Nov 2006 to March 2008. Right now in another Deliverance School to graduate November 2008. Myself and other pastors are organizing monthly deliverance program aimed at setting the "captives free."There are so many testimonies to the glory of God.)


Paseda, Bishop Ben Adesoji, A.K.A. Hour of Prayer Outreach, No 1, Uphill, BehindAdu Memorial High School, Oke Aro, Akure, Ondo, Nigeria, Phone: +2348035742361, Email:, Website: (Faith Redemption Ministry (FRM) is a church Ministry with a title: Possibility is mine. It is a deliverance ministry where God sets free from the bondage of the devil. Bishop Paseda is a teacher where signs and wonders are manifested. His monthly program brings souls into the kingdom of God.


Rankin, Bishop Joseph, Lifting Power Ministries International, P.O. Box 777, Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria, Phone: 087-234807, Email:


Ronnie, Professor Vic, Joy Unlimited Church and Ministerial Association, Independent, Oshodi Road, P.O. Box 1074, Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria, Phone: 234-8055446295, 234-18523947,, (We are involved in deliverance, healing, spiritual warfare, breaking of family and generational curses. We have set over 30,000 people free by God's grace. Our president, Professor Ronnie holds Th.M in Psychology and Pastoral Psychotherapy, Ph.D in Management, Ed.D in Educational Management, Ph.D in Christian Counseling, M.Sc in Social Work and he is Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling at Carolina University in North Carolina, U.S. A. He has authored 31 books on deliverance and infertility. He has taught deliverance. He has counseled in clinic, hospital, church and school settings.)


Sheriff, Bishop M.A., Sheriff World Outreach, No 3 Church Road, Takum, Taraba State, Nigeria, Phone:+2348029090101,,,, (We offer counseling and gospel crusades that focus on God as the source for healing and strength through Biblical truths and spiritual growth. Our counseling and outreach ministry is especially unique in that we also offer assistance with deliverance from negative spiritual influences, which contribute to destructive and addictive behaviors, crises, emotional struggles, and illnesses. See our website for more information about spiritual warfare crusades and other helps. The Lord has particularly anointed us for demonically caused diseases and breaking the shackles of witchcraft through the teaching of the Word of Life.)


Taiwo, Evangelist Ademiluyi, Christ Renewed Church, 9 Revelation Ave, Baruwa Candos Road, Ipaja, Lagos State, Nigeria, Phone: +234825350596, (Evangelist Ademiluyi is called and ordained by God to preach the gospel, heal the sick and deliver the oppressed. Having been in captivity too, by His grace has received mercy from the Lord to set free all those in captivity from all over the world and bring souls to the Lord Jesus Christ.)


Udoeka, Pastor Cletus G., Life Chapel International Church, Church ministry, 33 Karimu Street, Kirikiri, Lagos, Nigeria, Phone: 234-8056203833,  2347061000729,, (I started as an Assistant Pastor in Church of God Mission in the year 1998. Thereafter, I became a full fledged Pastor in 1999. I was posted to head the Niger Dock Branch. As the leading came, Life Chapel International Church was born in the year 2000. As the General Overseer of Life Chapel International Church, God has used me tremendously to set the captives free, heal the sick, delivering the oppressed. God has also used me to get the barren to become fruitful. Remember,"with God all things are possible." I believe, your case is not an exception. I have several ministers working under me who are also Deliverance Ministers. God has given them testimonies for their call. So whatever you are passing through, it has an expiring date. And the date is now. Put a call across to me if it is very urgent; otherwise, send me an email.)


Ugwu, Prophet Shedrack I, Promisedland Deliverance Ministry International (aka Faith Arena), church, No. 89 Ikotu-Egbe Road, Ejigbo Lagos State, Phone: 234-08033242886,, (Promisedland Deliverance ministry believes in the God of yesterday, today and forever and that deliverance breaks foundational curses and yokes out of families. A try will make you know and believe that God is still in the business of deliverance in this ministry.)





Jensen, Aina Karin Koks, and Rev. Per Einar, Miracle Jensen Ministries, Independent, Gransdalen 13 E, 1054 Oslo, Norway, Phone: 0047 820 96 550, Emails:,, Website:, (We are an independent, non-traditional church and believe in doing what thus saith the Lord. We have been working for God 42 years. If you go on our website, you can see people who have been delivered from a lot of different sicknesses. Many people have been healed of diabetic, blindness, cancer, tumors, back pain and manyother different sicknesses. We also pray for people who are  tormented by the enemy, but the greatest victory is that people get saved. It is Power in Jesus Christ.)




Albert, Bishop Javed, All Evangel Covenant Church & Pakistan Evangelism International, P.O. Box No. 1004, Faisalabad, Pakistan, Phone: 011-92-41-873-4009, Email:,, Website: (I am a well known Bishop and pioneerof Healing Crusades in Pakistan. We are deeply involved in healing and deliverance ministry.)


Ansar, Pastor Shahzar, The Vision Church & Ministries Lahore, Pakistan, Block B, Main Bazar near Stitch Craft Factory, Youhanabad Feroz Pur Road, P.O. Nishter Colony Lahore, Pakistan, Phone: +923014629116, Email address:, (God is using His called ones to deliver the people from bondages and soul saving through its outreach and weekly churchgatherings.)


Bashir, Rev. Maqbool, Divine Glorious Ministry, Independent, Street No. 01 Rasool Park MadinaTown Faisalabad 38000, Pakistan, Phone: +92 41 8003401, Email: (We area registered ministry for organizing Revival & Healing Crusades, Seminars and Conferences for bringing Deliverance and Healing to the Body of Christ through Personal Prayer Ministry and equipping the Body of Christ to do the same through teaching and training in the Word of God, the actions of Jesus Christ and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. God is moving in Pakistan and the Holy Spirit is doing wonders and miracles among these lost people and other nations.)


Boby, Evangelist Ishfaq, Bob Christ Ministries Pakistan, Independent, P.O. Box 644, Lahore 54000,Pakistan, Phone: +92-3008866981, Email:, Minister, Evangelist to mission field conducting revivals, crusades and leadership workshops throughout all Pakistan. Deliverance ministries fellowship group.)


Daniel, Pastor Samson, Grace of God Ministries Pakistan, Independent, Dawood Nagar Street No 4, Block A, Faisalabad, Pakistan, 38000 P.O. Box No 1039, Phone: +92-300-661-1891,, Website: (I have a healing and deliverance ministry. Many are set free through my crusades & meetings. I have 24 hour phone prayer ministry. We plan to have more healing crusades and revival meetings for Pakistan's revival.)


Fazal, Sr. Pastor Anwar, Founder & President, Eternal Life Ministries of Pakistan, International, 76/5 Modern Colony Kot Lakhpat, Lahore, Pakistan, Cell Phone: 92-300-4397371, Phone: 092-42-5867055, Email: or,


Khokhar, Pastor Ishaq F., Abundant Life Ministries Pakistan, 79 Saif-Al-Maree Goth, near Khuda-Ki-Basti, Surjani Town, Karachi - 75850 Pakistan, (P.O. Box 3993, Karachi - 75530 Pakistan), Phone: 0092-333-2074007, 0092-21-2043832, 0092-21-2043833, Email, Website: (Abundant Life Ministries Pakistan is awell known para-church organization in Pakistan, working since 1994. We hold conferences, seminars, evangelical and healing crusades across the country. The Lord is using us to deliver the people from the bondage of the devil. God has shown many signs and wonders in healing ministry. We have adult and children's education projects. Medical and support projects are running in rural areas.)


Masih, Bishop Dr. Amanat, Founder & Chairman, Central Gospel Assemblies of Pakistan, Independent, Non-denominational, Apostolic and Prophetic ministry, Address: Christopher House, Toghi Road Quetta, P.O. Box #223, Quetta, 87300, Pakistan, Phone: 092-81-2668046, Fax: 092-81-2668046, Cell: +92301-4760931, Email:, Website:, (Committed to preach the good news of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and on the basis of the Word of God. We preach Salvation, Healing and Deliverance to the people of Pakistan and other nations. Ministries: Church planting, Seminars, Crusades, man to man evangelism, Bible school,Vocational Bible School, Literature ministry, Educational and Medical ministries, Children's ministry, Women's ministry, Orphan ministry, Mercy ministries (Disaster Relief.)


Paul, Rev. Shahid M., Founder & President, Christ Assemblies International Pakistan, Independent, PO Box 1044, Faisalabad Punjab Pakistan 38000, Cell Phone: +92-345-7699869, (Our ministries is a Spirit-filled ministry. We are working for the spiritual revival in Christians throughout Pakistan and are working for the fulfillment of the Great Command of the Lord Jesus Christ through evangelism, discipleship and setting the captives free. Jesus wants to reach out to Pakistanis with His Gospel of peace, grace and hope.)




Bermudez, Br. Antonio M. Bermudez, deacon, Our Mother of Deliverance Missionaries, Affliation: Le Donne Deliverance of France, Address: 1928 Apartment C & D, M. Araullo Street, Sta. Mesa, Manila, Philippines, Phone: (00632) 715-4252, (00632) 716-2921, Mobile: 00639064211319, (We bless houses and homes. We conduct healing sessions with sick people. We officiate Holy Eucharist in private residences. We conduct exorcisms with possessed people.)


Cuasito, Pastor Elisah, Jesus Christ the Lord of Glory Inc., Independent, Jawa Valencia Negros Oriental, Philippines. Phone: 3402280845,Email: (I have 15 churches under my care in the Philippines. I am very active in the Philippines conducting crusades, praying for the sick and delivering those who are possessed by the devil in the name of Yeshua the Son of the living God.)


Palaca, Pastors Ner & Nina, Jesus is Lord & Deliverer Global Missions, Non-denominational, 3rd Floor Manalo Building CPG North Avenue, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines 6300, Phones: 63-(38) 4114951/4115147, 235089, 5018018, MobileNumbers: 63-9185375744, 9186912167, (An itinerant ministry of Inner Healing and Deliverance, seminars to denominational and non-denominational churches, igniting the fire of revival with apostolic and prophetic insight, and local and cross-cultural missions with emphasis of salvation, healing and deliverance.)

Vitor, Pastor Ruel A., Jesus, Light of the World Global Outreach, Inc., Taguihon, Baclayon, Bohol, 6301 PHIL, Telephone: +63385409428, (A church moving in signs and wonders with emphasis on salvation, healing and deliverance.)




Climate, Bishop, Bishop Climate Ministries (WCCC), 200 Great Junction Street, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH6 5LW UK, Phone: 0131 555 2290 ,, (Through Christ Jesus we are in the ministry of saving, deliverance, preserving and improving human life.)


Occhiochiuso, Sergio, The Carpenter Ministry, Independent,, Website:


Okafor, Donatus C., Divine Touch Ministries Worldwide, Ministry, The Credo Centre, 14-20 John Street, Aberdeen AB 25 1BT Scotland, United Kingdom, Phone: 44-1224-692-330, 44-0782-137-3690 Email:, website: (Pastor Okafor has been involved in the spiritual warfare ministry for many years and has a special calling in deliverance.)





Chidi, Joseph, Christ Agent Ministries, B.P. 26208 Parcelles Assainies Dakar, Senegal, West Africa, Phone: +2212181474, (We are involved in deliverance, spiritual warfare, intercessory prayer and teaching ministry. The Lord in His amazing grace has called us for His use and has greatly been touching lives with diverse demonic afflictions. "And when He had called unto Him his twelve disciples, He gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease." (Matthew 10:1) "Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils; freely ye have received, freely give." (Matthew 10:8)



Baloyi, Apostle Musa, The Consuming Fire Ministry, Independent, Giyani, Limpopo, South Africa, Phones: 0738503551 / 0158122578, Email: (Apostle Musa Baloyi is used by God to minister healing and deliverance to people troubled by evil spirits. We host crusades everywhere, if you need us in your area feel free to contact us.)


Heijstek, Kees, Alive Ministries South Africa, Independent, Tarweveld 6, 3931 WP, Woudenberg, Netherlands, Phone: +31(0)33 4323712, Website: (Our Lord Jesus ismore than a Saviour, He is also our Deliverer. Many of God's people (the Church) are living in captivity, because of a lack of knowledge of their true identity in Christ. Alive Ministries South Africa provides practical, free out of print biblical teachings & studies by which church and ministry leaders discover their true identity in Christ and are able to lead their people out of captivity into freedom, so that those ministries become healthy healing places making a powerful impact for Christon their communities.)


Letsoalo, Pastor Jeremiah, United Body of Christ, (We are part of Fellowship of Christian Churches in Africa), Phomolong Section, Number 70 Block H, Attridgeville, Pretoria, South Africa, PO Box 8725, Pretoria, 0001. Phone: +27-72-250-2409 or +27-82-456-6900 or +27 12 -400-5969, or Affiliated to, (The ministry believes in Jesus as the Son of God and we also allow the leading of the Holy Spirit in the infallible Word of God. We have impacted communities in areas of deliverance, evangelism, healing, teaching, spiritual warfare and distribute bibles in communities where they have a need. We operate in the cities, informal settlements and villages across the country. Our motto is Kingdom, Power and Influence.)


Onoriobe, Apostle Israel, World Vision Crusade Outreach Ministries (WVCOM), Independent,Apostolic ministry, 84 Tize Street, Kwanobuhle, Uitenhage (Port Elizabeth), South Africa, Phone:+27 822289180, Email:, or, Website:, (Find out about us at


Wambayi, Pastor Patrick, Free Ministry International, Bell Tower, Corner Monument & Commissioner Street, Kempton Park, Johannesburg, RSA 1619, Phone: +27-72-546-3147 or +27-11-395-1614, Email:, (Our ministry believes in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and also as the Redeemer of mankind. We teach the Word of God as it is written in the Scriptures.We have made impact in the areas of deliverance, evangelism, teaching, healing and other activities.The ministry is currently run by two pastors here in South Africa; myselfand Pastor JeremiahLestoalo. We have branches in Pretoria, Nairobi & Eldoret, Kenya. We major mostly in deliverance and healing through the Word of God. We accept people from all walks of life and from all denominations. Everyone is free to contact and share his or her needs or problems with us. With God all things are possible. "For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard" Acts 4:20.)


Zanni, Bishop Dr. N.C.,Harvest Bible Church, P.O. Box 13427, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2017, Phone: +27 11 79 498 9924, Email:,





Akande, Pastor Bayo, Christ Deliverance Ministries, Vincente Zaragosa 6,7 Silla Valencia, Spain, Phone: 0034/961211429 or 0034/676629591, email: Petrov, Plamen, Renewal Church, Independent, Avenida Robleda12, Bajo, Puerta 13, Spain,Phones: 0034 966 788716 (home), 0034 671 930049 (mobile), Email:,Website:, (I ministered for ten years as a pastor in Sofia, Bulgaria.Almost every service there were people who received deliverances and healings including people coming out of psychiatry and a man was healed of AIDS. Now I am ministering in Spain among the Bulgarians and the Lord continues to deliver people and some are delivered from cancer. )






Sylvester, Evangelist Allan, B.Sc., Jesus Christ Save Mission (JCSM), Full Gospel Church, Sakasiriestraat No. 24, Zorgen Hoop, Paramaribo, Suriname, South America, Phone: 00597 432365, Cell phone: 00597 863 9119, Email:, (Evangelist Allan Sylvester ministers around Suriname, the Caribbean and the World to hold Miracle Crusades, Fire conferences, Warfare conferences and deliverance clinics. We also minister one to one to individuals that are in need of salvation, healing and deliverance. We seek God for every victory. Jesus is Lord and all glory to God.)




Nlewe, Pastor Rex, Goteborg for Kristus, Independent, Teleskopgatan 2, 415 18 Goteborg, Sweden, Phone: 0046-73 977 67 49, Email:




Smith, Rev. J. Curt, Kaohsiung Lutheran Mission, P.O. Box 32-75, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 80799, Phone: 886-952168766, Website:





Badjene, Rev. Prince Yaotse, ICESS-Ministries, Pentecostal, 97 Rue Des Cocotiers, Porte460, BP13801 Lome, Togo, West Africa, Phone: 002289147441, Fax: 002282228837,,, Website: (A ministry of evangelism, revival, deliverance, healing and meeting social needs.)


Nyonato, Yawovi Elisha, John Baptist Ministry, Independent, 13 P.O. Box 79, Lome, Togo, Phone:+2289076663, Email: (A ministry of evangelism, revival, deliverance, healing and meeting social needs, orphans, Biblical School, Church planting, Association.)


 John Linden-Cook Norwood Christian Fellowship  Website:, Website:



Branch, Pastor Carolyn, Lighthouse Ministry Training Institute, United Christian Ministerial Association; Smile Africa NGO Uganda, 15454 Highway 43 Forkland, Alabama 36740, Phone: 334-216-3423, Email:, (Bondage breaking through truth, faith, love and obedience. minister inner healing and demonic deliverance, will travel. Written resources are available. Also, mentor and discipling in the deliverance ministry. You have a blood bought right to be free!)


Chemonges, Apostle Salim,World Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministry, P.O. Box 6736, Kampala, Uganda (Kampala-mbuya zone) also located in Kapchwora, Lira, Eldoret, Kenya, Mobile:+256782841342, Email:  (At World Prophetic, healing and deliverance ministry are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to everyone who comes to us for spiritual, prophetic, healing and deliverance. With the power of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord, we render the devil strengthless. Brethren, you are welcome to visit us. We love you in Jesus' name.


Cliff, Stuart K.,Integrity Ministries International, Independent, Box 924, Jinja, Uganda, Phone:+256774152031


Dickson, Pastor Ruhasha Fresian, Cornerstone Revival Ministries/Miracle Fellowship Church, Independent, P.O. Box 34191, Kampala, Uganda, East Africa, Phone: +256-772-692476, Email: Website: (Ministry Description: We are an independent ministry aiming to reaching the gospel of Jesus Christ around Uganda and the world through church planting, training leaders, conferences, seminars and crusades. We preach uncompromising and compromising messages of Jesus Christ with a target of fishing souls and healing the broken hearted and those possessed of wicked spirits [Luke 4:18]. We flow in signs, miracles and wonders and believe in God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.)


Olukol, Pastor Terah,

Pentecostal Outreach Ministries, Independent, Plot No 26, Uhuru Drive, box 418, Tororo, Uganda, Phone: +256-772-609516,, Website: (We are a ministry empowered by God through His Son, Jesus Christ. We believe in God the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. We are moving around the villages of Africa evangelizing with the gospel of Jesus to the needy and the poor in spirit and planting churches where there are no churches. We minister deliverance to all those who are bound by the devil, setting them free through the power of Jesus Christ.)





Burt, Rev. Mary, Word & Spirit International Ministries, PO Box 132, Llandudno, North Wales, UK, LL30 9AY, Affiliated with Jubilee International World Outreach, Tel: +44 (0) 1492 622111, Email:, Website: (Also-operatesAnother Day Prophetic-Prayer Counseling Ministry, website: Operates by free will donations only)





Ade-Gold, Bishop Dr. Joseph O. and Rev. Grace, Overcomers World Ministries, Independent Church, P.O. Box 150 Western District, Kingston 20 Jamaica, West Indies, Phone: 1-876-898-3357, 1-876-484-2807,, Website: (We have been actively in ministry as a church for 9 years. We counsel daily with many different people on issues of spiritual nature and otherwise, praying for them in the name of Jesus to be free from any kind of demonic oppression, possession, depression, obsession and influence. We are also a leading spiritual warfare ministry in the Island and have in times past been directed by God to conduct numerous territorial assaults. We are also a teaching ministry and we train and equip others across the world into the ministry of spiritual warfare and deliverance. The ministry arm for deliverance and spiritual warfare is Joseph Ade-Gold Ministries.




Kapaba, Prophet Haggai Mumba, Rehoboth Worship Centre Of Ministries In Zambia Central Africa, Cell: +260-97219556. city Mufulira office; 17 Quorn Avenue, Mufulira. (We conduct deliverance to those in witchcraft and satanism etc.)





Dube, Apostle Kimberly, Fountain of Life Ministries International, Independent, Address: 57729/2  New Lobengula, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Phone: 00263-912788223 or 00263-9-63689,, website:, (God's grace works through me in the area of deliverance from demonic powers and witchcraft.)

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