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Carolyn Engledow
10:47 AM Today
Some of our branch executive committees will be in the next issue.

We could not fit everything in it this first issue....Microsoft word was having a fit on me trying to jam everything in the magazine. But I believe you will enjoy this issue. Expand it with the little - and + item at the bottom of the magazine. If you hover over each link in the magazine it will take you to a website or email address. My books in the back of the book and on page 43 have links to them. Also my sermons on page 43 have links to them. If you click on the sermon links it will take you to my sermons on Youtube, Facebook, etc.

I will closely consider each posts, advertisement, articles, church events, or classified ad that you submit to our marketplace. You may write to me in a foreign language I will see if I can translate it on Google or Bing before posting it in the next issue of this magazine. Individuals, churches, and businesses can also purchase advertisements and they can purchase a paper copy. You can solicit for public support for your family and ministry in this magazine.

This magazine is being broadcast live and globally from this international website powered by Google.

Iam going to try and add some foreign language links in the next issue of this magazine ok.

Apostle-Prophetess (Seer) Dr. Carolyn H. Engledow, D. D.
Founder, Chief of Staffs
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403, United States of America

The Paper Copy is for sell on www.Joomag.com.