TECHM-United States of America, TECHM-USA

The Early Church House Ministries, TECHM House Ministry

TECHM House Ministry and TECHM International Inc.

To God be all glory, honor, and praise for his mighty works in Christ and our ministries. Amen

TECHM International Affiliated Officials and TECHM-USA, Official Staff

TECHM International Ministry Consultant

Apostle Thomas E. Hezekiah

The Ministries of Apostle Thomas E. Hezekiah

Turning Point Ministries

Lake Charles, Louisiana

CEO & President · Aug 1994 to present

Rhema Bible Training Centre Tulsa OK

Class of 1996 · Theology

Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK

Organizational Leadership/Church Ministries

TECHM International

Ministry Consultant Apostle Cyrus Okwara

The Ministries of Apostle Cyrus Okwara

Pneuma Revival Waves, Inc.

Tulsa, Oklahoma

TECHM International Global Messianic Jewish Relations Specialist

Apostle (Shaliach) Dr. Janet E. Brown, Ph.D.

The Ministries of, שליח, Sheliyahh Janet E Brown, Ph.D (Shaliach)

Seliah of Chayah Ministries Global

West Palm Beach, Florida

TECHM-USA, Florida

TECHM International Inc.

Global Administrative Assistant

Sunita Mannah

TECHM-USA, New Jersey

TECHM-USA, California, Cupertino

Ministerial Affiliations Officer

TECHM-USA, Louisiana, West Monroe

Ministerial Affiliations-Officer

Evangelist Dr. Brenda Eldridge, D. D.,

Masters of Christian Ministry

Evangelist Dr. Theresa Ann Roberson, D.D.

Apostle Christopher James Russell Sr.

Apostle Chauncey Russell

with her husband Steve Eldridge

Evangelist Dr. Theresa Ann Roberson

Olive Branch Baptist Church, West Monroe, Louisiana

TECHM International Ministerial Assistant

Ministerial Assistant Marilyn White

Church Membership

The Early Church House Ministries

TECHM International Inc.

TECHM International

Global Administrative Assistant

TECHM-Cupertino House Ministry

Evangelist of Lighthouse Bible Study Group

Pastor Jamie Haga

Endtime Gathering Church

2420 Laurel St.

Beaumont, Texas 77702

TECHM International

Ministerial Assistant

Gwendolyn Linn

The Ministries of

Apostle Christopher James Russell Sr.


Apostle Chauncey Davis Russell

TECHM International

Honorary Affiliated Ministries

Lighthouse Bible Study Group

Cupertino and San Jose, California

Spiritual Daughters:

Evangelist Linda Watson Taylor

Pastor Lashonda Harwell

Victory Tabernacle Church, Inc.

City of Refuge Church of Jesus Christ

In Jan 1999

Hope Fellowship International

The world shall know Christ international ministries(WKCIM)

Clarion Call Prayer and Ministry Training Center Inc.

TECHM-USA, New Jersey, Hamilton

Ministerial Affiliations Officer

from West Monroe, Louisiana

Her online assistant is her daughter

Tasha Linn Brown


Affiliated Minister

Evangelist Clara Bell

Evangelist Bell and her family

Pastor Dr. Ray Okwudili Ezechi, D. D.

Senior Pastor, Watchtower Christian Tabernacle

Studied at Heythrop College, London Theology

Past: Redeemed Bible College, Lagos, Dip.Theology and Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria

TECHM-USA, Michigan, Detroit

Ministerial Affiliations Officer

Lighthouse Bible Study Group

Evangelist Dr. Brenda Eldridge, D. D., M.CM

TECHM-USA, California

Affiliated Minister

The Ministry of

Psalmist, Evangelist Woodrow Israel Howard

TECHM Honorary Mother

Will be ministering with TECHM International Ministries in the United States of America

TECHM-USA, Georgia

Affiliated Minister

The Ministries of Bishop Ronnie Powell

TECHM-USA, Florida, Orlando

Apostle/Founder at The End Time Women Of War and Sr. Pastor at Pastor of Life Support Outreach Ministry

Studied at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Past: Triune Biblical University and East St. Louis Senior High School.

Apostle Prophetess Deanes has planted churches throughout the United States including, Missouri, Illinois, New York and various other states.

Apostle-Prophetess Debra Deanes

Pastor Dee Bookard

TECHM-USA, Arkansas

Affiliated Minister

Evangelist Magnolia Jones, Arkansas

Her online Assistant is her daughter, Mirclavia Jones

TECHM-USA, California, Sacramento

and TECHM-Nigeria

With his wife, Lynn Howard

Psalmist, Evangelist Woodrow Israel Howard

"Bro. Woody" of

Clearlake, California is an honorable mention who ministered with The Early Church House Ministries when we were first founded in September, 2005.

TECHM-USA, Georgia

Affiliated Ministers

The Ministries of Sandra Jackson

Prison, Nursing Home Evangelism

Church Planter

Preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Outreach Pastor at Living Way Revival Center Dalton, Georgia

Founder: Bishop Joshua D. Iromuanya

Divine Glorious Ministries

Two Church Branches

Ejigbo, Lagos, Nigeria

Sacramento, California

TECHM-USA, California, Sacramento

Founder: Bishop Joshua Dave Iromuanya

Divine Glorious Ministries

Two Church Branches

Ejigbo, Lagos, Nigeria

Sacramento, California

His Spiritual Sons in

TECHM International Ministries and Churches Affiliation


Evangelist Chinomso Loveday Oriaku

Rev. Femi Ajiboye

Pastor Ewa Phillip Obi

Pastor Sunday Ukaogo

Sandra and her husband Mario Jackson

Revelation and Deliverance Outreach Inc.

Milledgeville, Georgia

Sandra Jackson

President, Chief Executive Officer

Mario Jackson

Chief Financial Officer

If you reside in the Milledgeville, Georgia area contact Sandra Jackson if you have household furnishings, appliances, and clothing of all sizes for donation.

Your donations are tax deductible.

Revelation and Deliverance Outreach Inc. Website:

Other USA

Licensed Affiliated Ministers

Evang. Magnolia Jones

Minister Rolonda Jackson

Evang. Petrina Harper

Prophetic Evang. Sherry Dumas

TECHM-Cameroon, Africa Ministry of Prophet Lovell Anu also currently affiliated with TECHM-USA, California

With his Spiritual Brother, Prophet E. Boniface

and their Spiritual Father, Prophet Etta Jephthah, TECHM-Cameroon, Africa, Vice Chief Executive Officer

The Ministries of Prophet Lovell Anu

From Buea, Cameroon, Africa

Patriote Bible Univercity U.S.A-Kumba Extention Cameroon

2011 to 2013 · Kumba, Cameroon

GTHS KUMBA, Kumba, Cameroon Ministry,

In Memoriam:







SUNRISE: AUGUST 29, 1918 SUNSET: JULY 30, 2008

FORMER TECHM International Ministerial Clerk

The LateEvangelist-Seer, Leila Brumfield

TECHM-USA, Louisiana