TECHM, Caribbean

Pastor Wikenson Joseph 

Visiting the Lead Pastor Vitaleme Previlus, TECHM Caribbean Advisor

Church's Anniversary in St. Thomas, US, Virgin Islands

Countries Under the Administration of TECHM Caribbean Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder: Pastor Joseph Wikenson

The Vision of Pastor Wikenson Joseph:

We want to start a technical school in this building,we need computers and laptops for the school. 

In the Dominican Republic we are trying to collect funds to buy a church building for the Ministry because the place we have now is too small. 

Pastor Wikenson's Vision of a technical school in an impoverished nation will bring jobs and finances into their economy

 through students who will train for a professional career in this vocational training school. 

To make a donation toward the renovation of this school and purchase of their training equipment and/or 

assist in purchasing a church building you may contact Pastor Wikenson Joseph at (813) 317-9007 

Pastor Joseph Wikinson

The Founder of Word of God International Ministries, Inc.

Pastor Joseph spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ministers in the provision of Education

and Humanitarian Aid Projects throughout Haiti, Dominican Republic, the Virgin Islands, and the Caribbean Islands.

Contact Information:

Mobile: (813) 317-9007

                                                           P.O. Box 1054, Valrico, FL, United States, 33595                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



Pasteur Erick Denaud, Pasteur Alexandre Harry Riscott, Fourrien Jean Tenor, Pasteur Gabelus Richardson

Pasteur Mesadieu John Smile, Succes Adrienne, Pasteur Prophete Jean Ronel, Pasteur Paul Junovais

Pasteur Paul Delivrance, Pasteur Zamor Gastor, Pasteur Mathurin Alberick, Pasteur Paulas Laurais

Pasteur Deshommes Dulmeus Isaac, Pasteur Predelus Adony, Alexandre Andrecene,  Noel Faneon,

Pasteur Dieudone Elmeus, Pasteur Deshommes Dulmeus Isaac, Pasteur St Amour Jacquelin

Pasteur Selmon Frantz-Saint, Pasteur Pierre Derilien, Pasteur Louis Dieudonne

Pasteur Lorsius Jean, Pasteur Voris Almerique, Pasteur Saintil Jean Claude, 

Pasteur Ponservil Val, Pasteur Ambeau Delius, Pasteur Denaud Eliodor, Theodore Williame

Wilfride Jean, Dimeus Rodrigue, Octavien Eliane