will soon be established under the Apostolic leadership of Apostle Prophetess/Seer Carolyn H. Engledow, TECHM-Kenya Vice Chief Executive Officer and TECHM Montenegro, Europe Ambassador Bishop David Elima, TECHM-Montenegro, Europe, Co-founder Chief Executive Jewish Relations Officer, Cerovic Ratko and TECHM-Montenegro, Europe

TECHM-Montenegro Christian Relations Co-founder, German/English/Italian Translator Pavle Paskovic

TECHM Montenegro

Chief Executive Officer Pro Tem

TECHM International

Ambassador to Montenegro, Europe

TECHM-Montenegro, Europe


Chief Executive Jewish Relations Officer

TECHM Montenegro

Vice Chief Executive Officer


TECHM Founder

Chief of Staffs

Cerovic Ratko

Bishop David Elima

Apostle Elima is the Founder of Interstate Christian Fellowship Ministries in Kenya, a teacher of the WORD and a leadership trainer.

He is the Senior Pastor of Christian Discipleship Centre

in Moi's Bridge, Kenya

TECHM Interstates Christian Fellowships Team,


TECHM Global Evangelism & Outreach Ministries, Africa

Chief Executive Officer

TECHM International Ambassador to

the United States of America

TECHM International Ambassador to Montenegro, Europe

Favorite Quotations Philippians 4:13, Matthew 28:18-20. He is no fool who lets go of what he cannot keep to keep what he cannot let go of. Minds are like parachutes, they work best when open. Blessed are those who are inspired, for they make the world a better place. The first source of all positive inspiration is God, Himself. There are essentially two things that will shape your life: the people you meet and the books you read. Read psalms 27:1, Rom. 8:31,37, Psalms107:35, Luke1:37, Jer. 32:27, Mark 9:23, and Isaiah 41:10

Apostle-Bishop Elima is a pentecostal, Holy-Ghost filled, Founder and Director of the ISCFET which is one way and one job, Go ye for Jesus. Each one, teach one, Discipleship ministry is involved in winning souls for Jesus, building, teaching, training, setting ablaze, and sending them for missionary work locally, nationally, and internationally. Apostle-Bishop Elima is a crusade preacher with signs, wonders, and miracles following. He has a supernatural gift of faith which believes God for impossibilities. He does spiritual warfare, spiritual mapping and ministers in the prophetic. He is a worshipper and singer.

He presides over a network of churches, plants new churches, and trains pastors. He desires to partner with people of like vision intercontinentally. He is married to one wife, Mary, and he is the father of four daughters, Victorious Grace, Shalom Jirey, Asante Hope and Blessings Precious.He was born in Kenya, East Africa. He has a missionary's heart to share God's word worldwide. He believes the Holy Scriptures are inspired by God, that there is one true God head, salvation, and the presence of the Holy Spirit. He believes in speaking in tongues, water baptism, the second coming of Jesus, the Rapture before tribulation, and Heaven and Hell.

Apostle-Prophetess Dr. Carolyn H. Engledow

Objective: International Church Planting, Global Evangelism of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior and Global Outreach to combat poverty, encourage entrepreneurship, and to fund Church Community Outreach Projects, and provide some funding to churches that that sow seeds to into their communities.

TECHM-Montenegro, Europe

TECHM-Montenegro Christian Relations Official

German/English/Italian Translator

Pavle Paskovic


NGO Likud Montenegro

Days of Jewish Culture in Montenegro

Opening of the Jewish Cultural Information Center in Podgorica

Zionist Empowerment Project

Massage Therapist

Heart of Romania Children's Foundation

Self Employed and Loving It!

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Lyric of Ratko Cerovic


Quiet this night,

... the stars are hidden clouds

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