The Early Church House Ministries-- Eagles World

The Early Church House Ministries

Eagles World

Chief Executive Officer

Apostle Dr. Mengnjo Elvis Basang, D.Sc

The Ministries of Apostle Dr. Mengnjo Elvis Basang

The Ordination Of His Ministers

Apostle Basang with his Helpmate

Rev. Dr. Victory Ayafor Basang, D.Ap

His Official Staff and Sons and Daughters in the Faith

Apostle Titus Fuhnwi

Prophet Alain Martins

Prophet Kum David

Prophet Mokum Martins

Pastor (Mrs.) Babila Delphine

Pastor Bame Patric

Pastor Kingsley Khan

Pastor Joseph Handsome Idada

Pastor Rolland Mussi Ambe

Pastor Ketcha Ralph Tegha

Minister Tubua Charlene Queen

Minister Nkwashi Tchuetche Stol Kevin

Minister Kong Denis

Minister Wirngo Thomas

Minister Abongmbom Stella Keuzong

Minister Kudi Ane Ihims

Minister Rophine Uboh

Minister Ntewah Loveline Bihnwi

Minister Kenne Kuete Virginie

Rev. Mbi Felix Takang

Rev. Mrs. Takang Doreen Akeh

Rev. Babilla Priestley

Deaconess Ketcha Vivian

Deaconess Commy Ruth

The Ordination Of His Pastors

His Ordained Ministers

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