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I continued in that suffering to an extend that uncle’s wife dropped me out of school when I had been promoted to primary five(p.5) the following year.

My uncle took me to some relative in Kigali, when we reached there by the time to be back home I told uncle that am not going back because no life there I would be rather on street so he left me there so I really suffered being from nowhere to nowhere. She used me as a house boy regarding less that she is my relative, no care of basic needs she could provide to me only causing me psychologically torturing. She always used to tell me to home while I don’t have any where to go.

She chased me away from her home that I go find my pare.nts yet I have nowhere to go so nothing I had to do I left the house I started to be a wonder on the street .

I had a small a polyether bag with my cloth moving along the street with no destination. I moved bare footed with much hunger on the street, late in the I reached somewhere around Gatsata place in the then I went near a local bar it was in the night some ran after me thinking am a thief but I was nowhere so I went to sit in the bush when it was around 12:00am.

I went on the veranda of the bar to sleep for security of my life then I would wakeup at 4:00am so that nobody can see me. The street life continued to be worse one day when I spent a night on a road side sleeping dogs came along and smelled on me but they felt sorry to me nothing happened on me.

I started to door to door looking where to spend a night, I reached somewhere and I stayed there as a house boy life wasn’t easy to me I told me sleep outside under the car that am guiding the car being tortured that am an orphan so nowhere to go so as the situation worsened I went back on the street then I went in the tree where I made it as my bed.


I started to go to church sometimes where I listened to gospel and started to inspire me. I met someone who became a blessing to me in counseling, advising and being closer to me. I met him at church has helped me spiritually and socially. The life became crazy to me, I had no hope being tired of my life I decided to commit suicide because there wasn’t option if my life but he knew that and had to counsel me on the last hour.

Where I got friendship with the Apostle Carolyn Engledow of TECHM in this year, in 2012, who has played a big role my life to restore my hope for the future, saving my life spiritually advising me to fast for a week, praying and trusting God as in Psalms 23:1_6” the Lord is my shepherd……….” She counseled me to be faithful unto God as in mark10:27, Mathew 11:28 which gave a vision and I say that TECHM redeemed from deep darkness to light where I do appreciate much TECHM.

The apostle Carolyn Engledow of TECHM sent one of their team to Rwanda to baptize me after training me spiritually.

Genocide in Rwanda

The Death of the Parents of Regis Muhire


“A True Story"


TECHM International Ministerial Assistant Regis Muhire

This is my true testimony of surviving in thousands of people from storms and miserable days of darkness “No day no Night” which wasn’t me but by the grace of the Lord as in Jeremiah 1:5” Before I formed you in the womb I knew, before you were born I set you apart. I appointed you as a prophet to the nations” says the Lord. Here I saw the reality of Almighty God.

In 1994, the darkness came into our country Rwanda which was massive miserable days of shading tears where there wasn’t the friend of friends.

By that time I was 3years old when the Genocide took place, we were living in Kigali city. They started to burn, robbing and massive killing from hill to hill all over the city. We used to attacked from home because wasn’t no any other alternative to make the life became miserable where there wasn’t no hope to survive. we used to spend the nights in the bush hiding fearing anytime we have killed because there was no peace and every corner were shoots, mourning and terrible stories.

After some days we fled to the village in Gikongoro in southern province of Rwanda, It was still full of suffering and struggling. On the way we used to meet roadblocks of NTERAHAMWE all the was full of carpals as Exodus 14:13_14”Don’t be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring to you today. The Lord will fight for you, you need to be still.” Then we were always being attacked from our home.

One evening around 18:30pm, The Nterahamwe came with pangs and axes, they used to be calling as “COCKROACHES” by that time it was very absurd when some of family neighbors hidden granaries of harvests cause there was nowhere else to go.

At that time, suddenly the crowd of soldiers (NTERAHAMWE) attacked our home and we hidden ourselves in a kitchen was me and my mum. One of them came and entered in the kitchen and stepped in the charcoal stove, then our gatekeeper was fighting against them pushing the door but un fortunately his arm was cut off with a pang. They entered while my mother was trying also to push the door to fight, I was standing behind my mum and I was shocked, my mum was shot and she felt down. I bowed and slumped at her, and then I laid in her breasts when it was flowing of blood shedding. My siblings were in the granary then we entered in the hole. While my father was driving to the market, then he met NTERAHAMWE on the way he was attacked robbed and killed even his car was taken we didn’t know what happened to him till today we don’t know.

By the time my uncle arrived at the place where we were in the hole to see us, he found mum still breathing but in worse situations. She was taken to the hospital while in bleeding but unfortunately she died on the way.

Still in that bad conditions at the very night NTERAHAMWE came back to attack home. I was then an orphan with no mother and father.

Our uncle and aunt who survived in the genocide, they suggested to see how we can survive so we were taken in the Northern province of Rwanda with my siblings.

Since that time we were the orphans and orphanage struggle started with a lot of suffering, that our uncle married a widower who came with three (3) children older than us.

Due to the fact that we were young, they hated us because we were not her children and even her children tormented us. My uncle took me to start the school which was not easy because of my uncle’s wife. Those children used to torture me that I have go to our home saying that homeless people are wilds. At home, I worked as a houseboy in forced labor abuse with heavy works living in hard suffering life. She could cook nice food and take them to their bedroom such that we can starve and suffer since then I lost hope of my future. We used to spend sleepless nights with no food no basic needs and even not suffered from malnutrition diseases due to poor feeding, sleeping out of house as worse as I would rather not be a live.

All that way suffering my siblings had no choice for tomorrow so they moved away from home, they went on street since then I don’t know whether they are still a live or not.

Apostle Dr. Wabugwa visiting the memorial site

for the victims of the Rwanda Genocide

This was tough life to live in a tree like a bird with no way to survival, going to find something to eat in the beside the local bar where I had to be sleeping in the box and sacks were my bed sheets I could be waking up very early so that nobody can see me by that I wasn’t no longer seen as child of hope. All that life being a hopeless child, the other uncle and aunt they announced on the radio that I got lost for them they knew I had died but by the grace of the Lord I was created for a purpose, God has great promises upon my life.

I met someone and directed me somewhere that my aunt lives. Then I moved there as a wanderer. When I reached there late in the evening I found them already from work, so I had to introduce myself unto them. When my aunt’s husband knew me he felt hospitality unto me and welcomed me than my aunt even there wasn’t relation with her husband. Then I felt a breath in my life, I found there some children who were also orphans where my life changed.

Apostle Dr. Wabugwa and

Ministerial Assistant Regis Muhire

That Apostle and Pastor David Paul Wabugwa from TECHM came to Rwanda and I had no way to host him, then that friend then that friend of mine

So he helped me to welcome him and he hosted him to his uncle’s home. We walked with him, he helped me to share with us the little he could have for the all the time we had together with Pastor David Paul. We found together where I would be baptized from. We were very happy of the great time we had Pastor Paul we could share together the word of God and praying for us.

However much his daily life I do always reflect to some of the cumbersome favorite verses which are God’s covenant and promises to His believers.

In Revelations 3:7_8, 20 only trusting God and pray with faith. Jeremiah 29:11 and 1 Samuel 2:7_8 God has a call on my that means that I wasn’t born to suffer but for a purpose. Mathew 6:33 and Mathew 7:7

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Apostle Prophetess Carolyn Engledow

My aunt continued to be a threat to me so even she chased me a ways from home saying that am have to find where to go that am old to look after myself yet I was still in school. I wondered where to go and God made a way for I met one of the children w whom we stayed together at aunt’s place, he grow up and rented his own room. Then I told him my life and understood so he told me nothing to help except to give me accommodation and food only because he has no job.

So currently, I stay with him but getting hard to get basic needs and I have lost hope to return to school because know where I can get school fees for further education. Even am temporally to that home because no life to survival always telling me that I have to find somewhere to go that am old enough.