Elaborate Ministry Seals for Donations

Professional Graphic Designer and Adobe Stock Contributor

We are asking for a $75 donation for the designing of your ministry seal to support our global affiliation of churches and ministries which has branches on 6 continents, in 71 countries with over 2,300 ministers and growing. The centerpieces in the seals in the center section are private crest logos that are not for sale.

Other seals that have private logos or crests are noted. If you desire to give a donation for a seal, email your request and choice of a seal to founder@techminternational.org

Most of these Ministries are affiliated and registered with TECHM by virtue of their Ministry Leader, Apostle, Bishop, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist, or Minister affiliation with The Early Church House Ministries, TECHM International, Inc.


I, Carolyn Engledow design graphics for the Christian Ministry. In addition, I design and sell graphics through Adobe Systems as a (self-employed) Stock Contributor. I have some blank logo/seal templates and other asset items advertised on my Adobe Portfolio. I am updating my Adobe Portfolio weekly. Thank you for your service. Please visit my Adobe Webpage Portfolio. I, require that a portion of our tithes, donations, offerings, and my personal sales be donated to our TECHM International Humanitarian Aid Societies, a global charitable project.


AdobeStock_394611543_Preview.jpeg AdobeStock_394611990-Preview.jpeg


Carolyn Engledow Adobe Portfolio link:


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Any of the following seals can be reduced in size and set in a round, oval,

or square seal with a laurel wreath and ribbon designs attached to them like this sample.

The "centerpieces" in the seals/logo buttons below are private non-donation or not for sale crests and logos.

The "centerpieces" in the seals/logo buttons below are private non-donation or not for sale crests and logos.