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The Early Church House Ministries, TECHM,

The Early Church House Ministries-International

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Founder, Chief of Staffs

Apostle-Prophetess Dr. Carolyn Hendrix Engledow, Hon. D. D.

(Seer-Christian Exorcist)

Throughout her childhood, Apostle-Prophetess Carolyn Hendrix Engledow, who was born and reared in Trenton Community,

West Monroe, Louisiana, adapted to her impoverished environment. She lived as an outcast amid the flies of childhood rape and

physical abuse. At 17, she became an unmarried teenage welfare mom. Throughout her young adult life, she experienced ruined

relationships, peer pressure, chemical abuse, prostitution, teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, cigarette abuse, and multiple suicides.

Finally, at the age of 30 she submitted her life to God after her final suicide attempt.

It failed by a miracle from God. Through his son, Jesus Christ she was cleansed and restored.

The International Ministries of Apostle-Prophetess Carolyn H. Engledow is planted in over 70 countries on 5 continents with

2,300 Ministers and 2,500 Churches, Ministries, School and Isaac Television Station, Pakistan.


We are a non-denominational ministry but the public is invited

Upcoming Event: The Greater Works of Christ 2014 Conference and Revival

October 3-5, 2014, 8:00 am–12 pm, Revival and Prayer: 5:00 pm-7:00 pm

Place: The Clarion Hotel And Convention Center

525 33rd Ave, SW. Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Conference Teachings: The uncompromised word of God and the testimonials of The Prophetic Ministry of the Seer, Miracles of Deliverance and Healing, A prophetic Word for your life and Ministry as the Holy Spirit wills, the Testimonials from a former psychic who now lives for Christ and the testimony of a former convict who survived prison gang rapes and beatings and spent half of his life in prison until he was freed from crime 20 years ago.

Miracles, Signs and Wonders follow this Apostle-Prophetess, Seer, and Christian Exorcist of God.

She ministers door to door in prayer, biblical studies, and demonic exorcisms. She has cast out demons in person and on the phone without touching the possessed person. Demons fear Christ in her and flee at her command. She has witnessed the mighty rushing winds of demons shaking beds, opening and slamming doors, and exiting houses at her command. A Christian mental health nurse requested her assistance with her patients who had demonic encounters. She prayed for her comatose mother who came out of a coma, was transported to a hospital, and told that there was nothing wrong with her.

Come to the conference and revivals and be delivered from cigarettes, chemicals, witchcraft, lust and demonic spirits.

For private in home prayers and bible studies contact Apostle-Prophetess Dr. Carolyn H. Engledow. 319 364-4957

Registration fee: $50 for Conference and Sunday Brunch, $35.00 for conference only. We will collect a love offering at our evening revival.

If you and your church would like to participate in this event please contact us Asap.

Sheliyahh Janet E Brown, Ph.D (Apostle)

TECHM International Global

Messianic Jewish Relations Specialist

Seliah of Chayah Ministries Global

Baltimore, Maryland

Apostle-Pastor Cosmas Chepkwony

Church Planter

10 Churches in Kenya

The Seal of My Apostleship:

I Corinthians 9:2

Apostolic Confirmations

Apostle Dr. David Kyakulaga, D. D.

Apostolic Finish Centre

Senior Pastor/Founder at Life Restoration Centre Church

Iganga, Uganda, East Africa

The Late Apostle Dr. Eliud Ali Gwamna, D. D.

TECHM Nigeria Chief Executive Officer

Streets Pulpit International Ministries

Biu, Nigeria, West Africa

Apostle Dr. A.T, D. D.

TECHM Algeria

TECHM Morocco



TECHM Turkey

TECHM Palestine

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TECHM Lebanon


TECHM Central African Republic

TECHM International in Cameroon

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Apostle-Prophetess Carolyn Hendrix Engledow organized United For Christ Outreach Ministries, Clearlake, California, Generation X Ministries, Monroe, Louisiana, and Benton-Linn Counties Ministerial Alliance, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She has ministered on Blog Talk Internet Radio, Jesus In The Morning Talk Show in several churches, and through the Spiritual Ministries (worldwide) Deliverance Church Registry. Her church is the only deliverance Church in Iowa listed on their Deliverance Church Registry.

She is the author of Branded, I Have A New Identity In Christ, From Bondage To Freedom, and five children books. Through Christ, and the evangelism of TECHM International Ministries and Churches, she and TECHM International Affiliated Ministers are scheduled to plant churches and evangelize in church conferences, crusades in Asia, Europe, Africa, South, North, and Central America and God provides funding for their travels, accommodations, and meals.

Apostle-Prophetess Carolyn Hendrix Engledow is a Christian Seer and Exorcist (I Samuel 1:9 and Mark 15:17) who ministers in demonic deliverance and miraculous healing. She was recently healed of COPD. In the past, she prayed for two women who were healed of cancer. Because of her faith and prayers, her mother, who was on the verge of death and not responding to stimulus when she examined her, was revived and healed after she prayed and had others call 911. By the time 911 arrived, her mother was conscious and ambulating. 911 walked her mother out of the house, laid her on the bed, transported her to the hospital. Numerous tests were conducted at the hospital but there were no signs of stroke, heart attack, coma, medical overdose, nothing. So, they sent her mother home.

1 Corinthians 9:2

King James Version (KJV)

2 If I be not an apostle unto others, yet doubtless I am to you: for the seal of mine apostleship are ye in the Lord.

Info About

Apostle-Prophetess Dr. Carolyn Hendrix Engledow

58 years old, married to Ken Engledow

Four adult sons, 1 daughter, 1 stepdaughter, 9 grandchildren





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The following ministries was established by Apostle-Prophetess Carolyn H. Engledow

United For Christ Outreach Ministries

Generation X Ministries

The Early Church House Ministries International

Dorcas Clothes Ministry

The Soapbox Ministry

The Fish N Loaves Ministry

Other Credentials





The Seal of My Apostleship:

Apostolic Confirmations

I Corinthians 9:2

Missionaire Nkeutchaga Yimga Nestor Giscard

Nestor Ministries

Missionary · Yaoundé, Cameroon · 2003 to present

Jonathan Beclard Ministere

Nagoss Studio

Consulat international du Saint-Esprit



Ministére BECLARD Jonathan

Université de l'Esprit

Detroit, Michigan


Theology · école du Ministère · Anaheim, California

Pastoral and Apostolate Confirmation Apostle Shaun Adkins

Bishop Confirmations

Consecrator, Bishop Dr. Ade Harold

Rev. Dr. David Poyi

Apostle Dr. Emmanuel Mallam Angbashim

Rev. Dr. Bishop Paul Piridi

Bishop Isaac Muthengi

Apostle Bishop David Nyalanyala Elima

TECHM Global Evangelism and Outreach Ministries-Africa

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Director and President of Interstates Christians Fellowships Team Bishop of 10 churches throughout Kenya

Spiritual Father to over 20 Pastors and Ministers

Moi's Bridge, Kenya, East Africa

Apostle Bishop Dr. Silas Aboagye Dacosta

The Early Church Ministerial And Churches Affiliations Council

Ghana Chapter C.E.O · 2010 to present · Kumasi, Ghana

Apostolic Fire Ministerial And Bishops Council Africa

The Early Church House Ministries, TECHM, Ghana

TECHM Ghana Chief Executive Officer

Jesus Power Bible College

Chancellor and Founder

Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa

Apostle Solomon Awash

Kingdom Way International

TECHM Ghana Director of Aflao, Volta Region Ghana

Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa

Apostle Dr, Samuel Arikpo

TECHM Nigeria Executive Committee Secretary

Presiding Apostle at Global Impact Outreach INT'L and Coach at Global Impact Outreach INT'L

Past: The Early Church House Ministries International Churches and Ministries and Thel'pim Business Centre

Studied at University of Calabar

Past: University of Calabar, Nigeria.

(B.Ed Educational Admin. & Planning)

Apostle Coffi A.

TECHM Mauritania

Apostle Dr. Tchalla Yao Herve Atchrimi, D.D.

Republic of Togo

Apostolic Confirmations

I Corinthians 9:2

Apostle-Prophetess Dr. Carolyn Hendrix Engledow, Hon. D. D.

was trained and licensed in the ministry at

Praises of Zion Baptist Church in Clearlake, California

under the pastorate of Rev. Solomon L. Armstrong.

He is the current Pastor of True Vine

Non-denominational Church, Clearlake, California.

On September 10, 2005, she organized The Early Church House Ministries, a small non-denominational house ministry that branched from her front yard in Clearlake, California to several countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, South, North, and Central America. Currently, she and TECHM International affiliated Ministries and Churches are training, licensing, mentoring, and covering churches and Ministers and speaking in churches, conferences, and crusades and church planting around the world. As a result of her ministry, over 2,300 Christian apostles, prophets, bishops, pastors, evangelists, teachers, and translators have been organized by God as an end-time army blazing the trail for the second coming of Christ to save the lost through the signs, wonders, and miracles associated with preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Moreover, God has patterned The Early Church House Ministries after the early church of the Acts, Acts 4:32 and Acts 2:43-48 in The New Testament. Based on faith in God, TECHM International is preparing to plant global outreach projects that combat disease, unemployment, starvation, impoverishment, and pestilences.

The Seal of My Apostleship:

Apostle-Prophetess Dr. Engledow hails from the Monroe–West Monroe, Louisiana area, was delivered from childhood rape, physical and chemical abuse, and attempted suicides 28 years ago.

She wrote about the trauma of being raped throughout her childhood and the ghosts that plagued her life afterwards in two of her seven books, “Branded, I Have A New Identity in Christ” and its

thrilling sequel “From Bondage To Freedom.” A week after she gave her heart to Jesus, she was delivered totally from alcoholism and a 3-4 packs of cigarettes per day chain-smoker habit. In 2011,

she prayed and God healed her of Arthritis, and the non-cancerous lumps that were under her arms and in her breasts supernaturally dissolved.

When her mother became comatose in 2000, she prayed. When 911 arrived, her mother was revived and they escorted her out of the house. She laid on the bed outdoors, and they transported

her to the hospital. EKG, EEG, and urine and blood tests results were negative. Even though her mother said she overdosed on meds. God answered the prayers of this servant and erased the

negative report of death by “od.” Her mother lived another 8 years.

God answers the prayers of this Apostle and Servant of God. Mark 16:17-18 And these signs shall follow them that believe, In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall lay hands on the sick,

and they shall recover. In 1990, God began her ministry with hospital evangelism and small outreach ministries, but now the Lord is promoting her mission vision globally. Her ministry is supported by

her faith in Christ. The significance of her global ministry has attracted many great ministers of God to help her in global evangelism.

Two of them are Isaac Television and The 678 Pastors of Dayamaya Evangelical Ministries, Andrah Pradesh State, India. Isaac Television covers all of Asia, the Mideast, Australia, New Zealand

and Ethiopia, Africa is affiliated with TECHM-Pakistan. Their founder Pastor Anwar Fazal, affiliated with TECHM Pakistan. He stated that Isaac Television is our television station and where we go,

so goes Isaac Television, the largest television station in Pakistan, Asia.

The 678 Pastors of Dayamaya Evangelical Ministries requested to be licensed and covered by TECHM. We are affiliated with their leader Rev. Dr. Paul Piridi, Chief Executive Officer and

Co-founder of TECHM International in India, Andrah Pradesh Branch.

Apostle-Prophetess Engledow is a writer, church planter, and affiliated with the 1,647 international ministers of TECHM International Ministries and Churches Affiliation. She ministers through

Christ in healing, evangelism, counseling, and prayer. Moreover, she ministers in Christian Exorcism/Deliverance door-to-door and on the phone with 100% accuracy in Jesus name. Because of the

power of God on her life, demons fear, tremble, and obey her. She has experienced supernatural, paranormal type scenes that were similar to the “The Exorcist .” She is an Apostle after God’s own

heart through the redemptive shed blood of Christ.

Apostle-Prophetess (Seer) Carolyn Hendrix Engledow is available for speaking engagements, revivals, and conferences. She also ministers in divine prophecy with 100% accuracy from God. Often

times she is mistaken for a psychic, because many people are unfamiliar with the combination gifts of the Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Discerning of Spirits, Prophecy, and the ministry of

the Seer.

If you desire prayer, private and discreet counseling and ministry, exorcism, the services of a personal pastor/minister, ministry, or discreet and personal door-to-door ministry of this servant of God

visit our website at www.techminternational.org and contact her at founder@techminternational.org or (319)364-4957 or (515)619-8339.

Apostle-Prophetess (Seer) Dr. Carolyn H. Engledow, D. D. is the Founder and Chief of Staffs of TECHM House Ministry, TECHM International, TECHM Global Evangelism Outreach Ministries

International, TECHM International Ministries and Churche Affiliation, and TECHM International Ministries and Churches Affiliation Leadership Cabinet.