Book: Today’s Phenomenal Outpouring of the Signs, Wonders, and Miracles of Christ Volume 2


II Corinthians 12:12

This book mainly consists of today's "impossible-with-man" signs, wonders, and miracles of Christ working as the Holy Spirit wills in

Female Apostle Carolyn Hendrix Engledow,

TECHM International Inc. Archbishop

Luke 1:37




The divine hand of God reached out of glory, captured a cliff-bound car with a small branch, stole three folded checks out of my pocket, and returned three new checks into my mailbox after I locked it.

Through Christ, God drew a line between good and evil. Crossing the lines of religious legalism and human reasoning, He worked miracles, signs, wonders that defied gravity interrupted the course of nature, and eliminated crises in my life and other individuals he sends me to minister to in this great global commission.

These miraculous testimonials of healing and deliverances wrote in this book are evidential of the phenomenal grace, mercy, and glory of God and His work in my life and ministry.

He convinced me that good and evil spirits exist. I experienced revelations, hidden truths, and secrets, with before and after confirmations. In the body or out of the body, I cannot tell, but in the spirit, I stepped over into future, present, and past revelations to hear from God, see events that manifested, and minister to the needs of others.

Through paranormal occurrences--divine telephone, and door-to-door deliverances--demonic whirlwinds obeyed my commands, blew out of people and houses, opened and slammed doors, or left after they heard, in a telephone conversation, that I was coming. They dreaded Christ, who delivered me from unclean spirits through the work of the Holy Spirit. Biblical characters in Jesus day recognized demonic oppression, and the need for Jesus to heal them. You do not have to be a lunatic or Legion to hear voices or live in a talking “possessed” house. Hearing evil voices has been around since Eden.

Today, we can be delivered from our crises through men and women who are inspired, commissioned, and gifted by the Holy Spirit to perform the greater signs, wonders, and miracles of Jesus Christ.

God can deliver us from evil and heal us of all infirmities. After I had obeyed his command to pray for my healing, I was healed of Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. A deaf and mute toddler is hearing and talking after I obeyed God and prayed with his grandmother in a Facebook message. At my command in Jesus' name, tumors and cysts dissolved out of people.

Moreover, Christians conceived after messaging me on Facebook for prayer. For readers, the key issue of this book is to inform us that Jesus is honoring his promise of greater works, restoration, and salvation to churches, repentant fallen Christians, and unbelievers around the globe. In conclusion, this book is evidential of the Holy Spirit’s calling and gifting of five-fold commissioned ministers and the restoration of miracles, prophets, and apostles in churches. The gifts of salvation and the works of the Holy Spirit are more valuable than a vessel. What good is a vessel if the anointed oil, Christ, cannot pour from it? Today, the Holy Spirit sends apostles to evangelize in the great commission, preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, plant, establish, and restore churches according to the standards of the early church in Acts 2-4.

God sent me to branch our ministries, The Early Church House Ministries International, TECHM International Inc., globally out of a tiny primitive house ministry. My family and I began it in our front yard in Clearlake, California. Beginning in 2006, he gave me a prophetic vision of planting our ministries in each country and helping Christian churches, regardless of affiliation with our ministries, with our mission of evangelism and global community outreach projects.

In 2010, God began manifesting the vision after we moved to another house in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Out of our simplistic beginnings, God branched us into 59 countries on six continents. We are spreading like an uncontrollable wildfire through the faithfulness of our global apostolic church planters, 1,800 ministers, 2,500 affiliated churches and schools, two bishop councils, Isaac Television, and our affiliation with the 680 pastors of Dayamaya Evangelical Ministries and their combined congregation of 25,000 converted Christians in India.

Regardless of gender, God establishes, equips, and confirms the ministry of a female apostle, an archbishop, with powerful signs, wonders, and miracles through the work of the Holy Spirit. (2 Cor. 12:12, KJV).

Moreover, I can see now that like Paul my apostleship came not by the conferring of flesh or the laying on of hands but by the will and purpose of God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. No one can take the glory for the work of the Lord in this ministry. This calling, gifting, and equipping came not by me or the will of man but by the Glory of God. To God, be all of the glory, honor, and praise for his work in my life and ministry of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, throughout the earth.

The stories in this book are true supernatural occurrences that reach beyond the scope of the commandments of men, religious legalism, and human reasoning. Thank you, Father God, and Jesus Christ for sending us the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, who represents Christ on Earth. Thank you, Spirit of Truth for training me and giving me the experience, opportunity, and original “fresh fire” testimonials to pour forth into the Body of Christ. May they restore churches to God’s foundational standards of the early church and draw the unsaved to Christ.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: God's Divine Intervention

Chapter 2: Testimonials of a Seer Prophet

Chapter 3: Houses Can Talk

Chapter 4: Deliverances and Exorcisms

Chapter 5: Today's Impossible-with-Man and Many Healings

Chapter 6: Revelations and Interpretations from the Holy Spirit

Chapter 7: The Scriptural Authoritative Background of this Book

Chapter 8: God's Message To Us Today

Chapter 9: God's Invitation to Restoration