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A Short History of the of Our Outreach Ministries Activities

Regardless of which state or city our house church or outreach ministries are located in “God always plants us where he needs us the most in, troubled areas. We foundered United for Christ Outreach Ministries in Clearlake, California, in 1995.  Seemingly, before the ink from our California incorporation could dry on paper, poor families crowded into our little center for groceries, dinner, clothing, furniture, counseling, prayer, and assistance with their utility builds. My family tithed into our ministry, and we received financial assistance from churches, businesses, the City Government of Clearlake, my Yuba College English Professor, and the manager of Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

 On my next assignment, God sent me to plant our ministries in a boarded-up dilapidated apartment complex in Monroe, Louisiana.  New management was trying to work a miracle beyond their financial means.  However, we planted Generation X Outreach Ministries in what seemed like a boarded-up ghost town. Two young men, ex-gang-bangers said, “None of the area churches ever came to see them.” So, they welcomed our ministries, knocked on doors and cursed their friends out until they came to church in the recreation room. Soon, children from other troubled neighborhoods and dysfunctional families joined our flock.  I and my family tithed to feed them 1-2 times per week. The Holsum Bread Store gave me free bread and pastries for their families.  Like the early churches in Acts 2 and 4 and Romans 16, we had all things common.  We purchased school uniforms and groceries for them, as needed.

We are generous to anyone regardless of their spiritual beliefs.  Isn't God the same way? Ira’s Discount, my employer, was planning a Christmas  Warehouse Sale.  I asked the manager to allow me to put some clothing on layaway and purchase them on my discount tab for the people in my ministry.  My co-workers attempted to talk me out of purchasing the clothes. I purchased $150.00 worth of clothes out of my $300.00 paycheck, went home and put a little money each gift, and had a Merry Christmas.

I came to Cedar Rapids in and began the same type of ministry here. But, based on available funds, we minister to the needs of families throughout eastern Iowa and globally. On July 28, 2010, we planted our ministry branch offices international. Today our branch offices and licensed ministerial officials are planting our churches, ministries, and bible school affiliations with the partnerships of schools, churches, the media and their community outreach projects in over 63 countries on six continents. We need the global support of businesses and corporations who have the same heart and vision, which we have for the people in general, regardless of religious beliefs or their location in the world.

We began Christian worship services, revivals, conferences, and the community humanitarian relief and outreach activities listed on page 2 for the general public in California, Louisiana, and Iowa, USA, prior to the legal incorporation of The Early Church House Ministries, TECHM International, Inc. and its affiliation with Gospel Ministers and Churches International in December 2016.

 We registered as a non-profit house church in Iowa on December 22, 2016.  As of December 2016, we are an independent autonomous church affiliated with Gospel Ministers and Churches International and their 501 (1)(3) group exemption. Their association notified me that they do not manage our finances as a Fiscal Sponsor or Agent.

The Early Church House Ministries International is a global ministry with branches planted in Australia, Europe, North America, South America, Central America, Asia, and Africa. Our primary mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the globe, including villages that have not received Christ or experienced his miraculous power.  Our secondary global missionary vision is to assist Christian churches in organizing and supervising church outreach projects, including establishing industry where poverty-enriched " dilapidated buildings, slums, tents, and mud houses"  once stood.  Teach a person how to fish and they could prosper for life. Therefore, we are raising funds to lower unemployment build free family medical clinics, establish clean water, adequate housing, agricultural, and mosquito abatement programs, and offer a sufficient education to each child on earth.

We need your assistance now. For six years, I and some of our ministers in America have tried to send funds to help some of our global ministries, on 6 continents, plant our vision, but our
 funding is insufficient in the fulfillment of our evangelism and humanitarian relief goals.  I began the vision God gave me,  but we, me and the global ministers affiliated with The Early Church House Ministries, International need your help to complete it. I cannot rest comfortably, eat in peace, or take life's blessings for granted knowing that my impoverished ability cannot help, people who are without a warm house, food, clean water, employment, education, and vocational education.

I cannot rest comfortably, eat in peace, or take life's blessings for granted knowing that my impoverished ability cannot help provide employment, a warm house, a hot meal, clean clothing, shoes, education cost, clean water, or medical treatment to the desperately needed in communities where many of our pastors preach from temporary churches in need of financial support for their churches, families, but mostly their community.  I cannot rest peacefully when I know that God wants them to be able to build sound churches that can offer assistance to the poor in their communities.

To Donate: 

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TECHM International Inc. 
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The Early Church House Ministries, 
TECHM International, Inc.
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_______ I will sow to send bibles into international countries 
 Email your prayer and praise report to

Please let me know that you share our vision and want to support our global ministries missionary and poverty outreach projects.

We need your help now, thank you for your gift. Donations from within the United States are tax-deductible and we will give you a letter confirming your contribution. 

But we thank all donors for your gifts, we want to heal the hurts in your continent.
We invite you to support our Christian Missionaries who are ministering throughout 
Australia, Europe, North America, South America, Central America, Asia, and Africa.