TECHM-South Africa


 TECHM-South Africa


             TECHM-South Africa is currently being established and planted by                                            
                             Apostle-Prophetess Dr. Carolyn Engledow D.D. (Seer)
                           and Apostle Dr. David Paul Wabugwa, D.D.

TECHM International Founder and Chief of Staffs  
Apostle-Prophetess Dr. Carolyn Engledow

   TECHM-South Africa
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
  Apostle Dr. Paul David Wabugwa, D.D.
CEO & Founder at
International Church Planters Network and 
Apostle at My boss is THE Jewish Carpenter Past: International Seed Benefaction and 
The Lord Jesus Christ

TECHM International Church Planter and 
Leadership Guidance Counselor 

Wabugwa's Caring Hands Ministries International

is in need food for the poor, clothing, shelter and financial support to  continue providing for children, their families, and orphans and widows. 
To financially support his ministry or contact Apostle Wabugwa for a ministry event you may contact him at 

                                                                                                                              Phone: +256 772 958292
P. O. Box 35
Malaba, 000256, Uganda, Africa


By the Grace of God and the working of the Holy Spirit
 Apostle Dr. David Paul Wabugwa has planted churches throughout 
eastern and southern Africa

Ministries in South Africa
Approved for TECHM International Ministries and Churches Affiliation
By Apostle-Prophetess Dr. Carolyn Engledow

The Ministries of  Pastor Alberto Soares Cristovao
Missionary, Church Planter
Pastor Cristovao has planted 7 churches in Angola, pastored churches for 20 years, and been in the ministry 35 years.  He is from Angola, Africa. He studied biblical theology and graduated from the Zoe Bible School, Lisbon, Portugal. He is the former Pastor Senior of Philadelphia Church-ADUC, in Angola. He has taught discipleship in churches, cities, villages and prisons and planted 7 churches.  Currently he is living in Capetown, South Africa, South and started a new ministry, King of King and Lord of Lord Church.  He is a Musician, Leader of Praise and Worship and has recorded two music Cds.  He has ministered in Conferences. And he was a Zoe Bible School Teacher for 7 years and a teacher at Salmodya School of Praise and he established and ministered in conferences regarding Praise and Worship.